Imagination and lawyers

Imagination and lawyers and parents and vaccines

Vaccine wars: Lawyers? We don’t need no stinkin’ lawyers.

Wait. Yes we do.

by Jon Rappoport

August 2, 2015

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First, a brief excerpt of an interview I did with an attorney several years ago. I’m keeping his name private. He was a recent law school grad who went to work for several large firms and “nearly died of boredom,” as he told me.

Here are a few of his remarks:

“My colleagues have zero imagination beyond filing cases and searching out legal precedents, something a robot could do.”

“They [his colleagues] seem to have no personalities. They’re very tight. They have no charisma. When I ask them about bigger-than-life lawyers like Melvin Belli, Gerry Spence, Bill Kunstler, they roll their eyes, as if those guys were nothing more than publicity hounds. It’s insane. When you’re up against it in a big case, you need publicity. You need to cause trouble. You need to raise public ire in your favor. These lawyers now…they’re like accountants. Very cautious. It’s like someone has beaten them with a stick into submission.”

“Most lawyers these days can’t conceive of what it takes to win a big case when the deck is stacked against them. They draw a blank. They pick a losing strategy and stick with it. Again, no imagination.”

Okay. For background, read my two latest articles (here and here) about the MMR vaccine scandal that has just ignited in the US Congress.

Basically, it’s all about destroying vital CDC documents. Literally throwing them in a garbage can. The documents reveal that a 2004 CDC study actually showed a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.

But the documents were thrown out.

Now, in states like California, in countries like Australia, the MMR vaccine is mandated for children. It’s compulsory.

This means governments are endangering children. Playing Russian roulette with their brains and nervous systems.

That’s called a crime.

What to do about it?

In the past, I’ve pointed out, in detail, how wrongheaded GMO labeling campaigns are (see also this) and how they require a completely different approach. I’m doing the same thing now re the vaccine wars. Follow me along this road.

First, the whole point is to create a major uproar on behalf of the truth. Not merely by filing one class-action suit against, say, the state of California for endangering millions of children by commanding that they take the MMR vaccine. That’s not enough. Not by a long shot.

We need lawyers who want to go for broke. Lawyers who can and will talk in front of media cameras. Lawyers who have large personalities (as opposed to sober, faceless bean-counter personalities). Lawyers who will hold press conferences several times a day for anyone who’ll listen. Lawyers who will bark and bite and stir emotions. Lawyers who will punch holes in polite oatmeal “dialogue.” Lawyers with big and bigger balls.

And then we need parents, many parents, who will, with their lawyers, file separate and individual lawsuits against California Governor Jerry Brown and individual members of the California legislature—because they passed the recent law mandating vaccines (including the MMR) for all public and private school children in California.

File hundreds of lawsuits.

Worried about whether some of these lawsuits will be turned back and thrown out of court? Don’t be. The whole enterprise is about making justice, in this matter, very visible, on all fronts.

The talking point? The truthful talking point? The state of California is demanding that children take the MMR vaccine, which was shown to have a connection to autism, in a 2004 CDC study—and that study’s vital details were buried, on purpose, by its authors, in order to protect the vaccine. That’s called a Story. And it’s true.

All these lawsuits would represent that point. And the parents filing the suits would talk publicly and at length about this crime and its effect on their children. So would the lawyers.

Lots of passionate talk. Outrage. In public.

“Governor Brown, you want me to have my two-year-old daughter shot with the MMR vaccine and risk autism. You want to risk sending her to hell on Earth.”

Think about the Internet. What are the chances that this story will spread from one end of the planet to the other? Are you kidding?

And then all sorts of official experts and bureaucrats and doctors and pseudoscience bloggers and execrable talking media heads and other bullshit artists will push back with their brand of outrage. Good. Splendid. That’s exactly what we need. Stir the pot. (For more information on who and whose money we’re really up against, click here.)

When imagination is applied to a free-wheeling campaign like this, all sorts of possibilities would spring up spontaneously.

That’s exactly why we need more people with imagination…to create a circus.

But as the society becomes more inhibited and people stick to “the rules” more closely, they react against spontaneity. Automatically.

As if it’s a sin.

Then, within their little box, they flail and flounder around for a solution which, of course, will never come.

Imagination releases emotion. No imagination induces what Wilhelm Reich called “armoring.” A thick crust of repressed emotion and energy.

This is one reason why I developed hundreds of imagination techniques and exercises. To crack open up that crust and dissolve it. To liberate the energy of emotion.

exit from the matrix

Life has a major, major component of theater. People who can see that and grasp it have a chance to make some big changes, because they invent theatrical situations that penetrate the addiction to “playing the game as it’s laid out and prescribed.”

The current, main, long-running, central piece of theater in our society is: let the rules be your guide, be a robot, be an android, play that part, eyes straight ahead, don’t consider the big picture.

That’s the stage play.

Inventing new stage plays that run across the grain of this play is paramount.

That takes imagination.

In spades.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

10 comments on “Imagination and lawyers

  1. From Québec says:

    Many movies have featured an autistic child.

    But how about making a documentary on what causes autism? Give it a shocking title, something like: “The Crime of the Century” or “Vaccine Roulette”… or “No more needle for my baby”.. etc.

    Have the lawyers, the parents, the doctors, the experts on the subject speak out. Expose all the fraud. Then, get everyone to make it go viral on the Internet: on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media. And get it in movie theaters. Make it so big and so powerful, that it will reach everyone in the World.

    Then, start the trial of the century against Big Pharma and government complicity. That’s how you will win this case. The whole world against Big Pharma Vaccines and their accomplices.

    I sure would like to see this happen! I was rejoicing already just thinking about it..

    • Gökmen says:

      It’s great to see you, “from Québec” posting again to this blog. I thought you were dead. I was missing your replies in new articles, I hope the ‘moving’ that you told about went okay from Québec.

      As it comes to me, I worked in heavy industrial daily works for few days. They pay 30$ daily. Still need 50$ more to purchase a rappoport course but I’m damn close. Doing my best as a third world kid.

      anyway, good to read from you again. Hope you never leave this blog much. I missed your replies below Jon’s articles and I know many have missed also. It’s good to read from you again

      • From Québec says:

        Well, thank you for your reply.

        The moving was great. I’ve written a short post about it on the previous article on this site.

        It’s good to be back here and read the comments from great people. who cares to improve every facet of their life.

        “Doing my best as a third world kid.”

        Let me tell you that you are doing much better than many people in what we so call developing countries. You seem to be on the right track. Keep it up!

      • Lapapeleta says:

        Gokmen: You should make everything you can to get the money and buy them. The collections have changed my life. And I have read your comments and I know that they will make everything different for you as well.

  2. Peyton says:

    I participated in a Documentary called “The Silent Spring”. It was about Dioxin aka “Agent Orange”
    My Daughter and ex husband are both dead because of it. He was exposed in VietNam and my daughter had it passed on to her. It stores in there , I believe fat cells. It has now gone to the 3rd generation. My Son will not have children for fear of his child being born with damage. I worked for a VA Outpatient Clinic and we all knew the Gov did not take responsibility for any of this unless they were forced to. However, they did keep adding new diseases and illnesses to their list of things they would cover as far as Medical Claims.
    The CDC has covered this up as well. My Daughter died in 2008 and her dad in 2010, both from Cancer.
    My Daughter was born so horrible deformed, you couldn’t tell if she was male or female. She was opened from her sternum to pelvic area. All her internal organs were on the outside of her body in a sac. She had no vagina or anus. Her surgeon said it looked like someone took all her organs, put them in a pot, stirred it and threw it all back inside her. Her bladder was split , like a heart shape. Her uterus was the same way. They removed both when she was about 6 years old. She had Prun Belly Syndrome her hips were dislocated and I could go on and on. By some unbelievable way she lived.
    She had developmental problems….behavioral . She was laughed at and outcast in school. She told me so many times how she wished she was dead. She grew up in St Louis Childrens Hospital. Every year another surgery.
    I spent many years in therapy trying to cope with it all.
    NO ONE CARES ! Its not THEIR family being hurt. Like I said in the DOC…..they weren’t thinking when they decided to use this chemical in Vietnam and they didn’t care what affect it would have on Vets. Henry Kissinger said our American Soldiers were DOGS! and all they were good for was fighting their wars. Shocked? not me….

    • Laura Rosano says:

      I am so sorry for your daughter Peyton. That must have been extremely difficult for all of you. My 22 year old son is vaccine injured from his DPT as an infant and is in a wheelchair for life. Sometimes he will just cry and cry because he cannot walk like his friends. It is so painful at times that I can completely relate.
      God bless.

      • Peyton says:

        Thank you Laura, I send my love and light to you and your precious Son….things are going to change on this planet soon, I believe that with all my heart and in the deepest part of my should.

  3. Peyton says:

    Soul….My computer has its own ways to spell things…ha!

  4. From Québec says:

    Such sad stories! Who do these bastard criminals think they are to screw up peoples’ lives like they do and get away with it?

    We have to and must find a way to bring these psychopaths to court and throw them in jail for 100 years and more. We cannot afford to let them go free.

    Where are the lawyers when you need them? Is there still one brave lawyer left in this world that is willing to dedicate his whole life fighting these madmen scientists?

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