Dispensing with the Earth-culture context

The rebirth of individual consciousness

Dispensing with the Earth-culture context

by Jon Rappoport

August 22, 2015

Note to my readers: It’s possible that this blog will eventually outpace my work at NoMoreFakeNews. Readership here is growing, and I welcome that. The point is, in my work as an artist, and in my research, it’s become apparent to me that the universes created by imagination make this physical world we inhabit tiny by comparison. No, I’m not abandoning planet Earth—I’m making an observation. The perceptual capabilities of humans have been reduced by a factor of a billion or more. Human obsessively operate within a very, very narrow sliver of the potential spectrum. And they create within an even smaller context. I’m not talking about psychedelic drugs, by the way, as an avenue out of this situation. I’m talking about inherent imagination, and its uses. I’m also talking about the utter lack of faith in what imagination produces beyond replicas of the physical world. This utter lack of faith in the realness of the realities imagination produces leads to: considering imagination as a mere toy, an interesting diversion.

For instance, suppose you invented a new language far different from any language spoken or written on Earth. Different in every respect. Different in what it reveals and what it refers to. A “language of a different realm.” And then suppose you read your own language and were shocked to discover what you found. An opening into another universe of meaning. And then suppose you shrugged and came back to the language you were already familiar with from birth and forgot all about your invented language. This would constitute an utter lack of faith in your own imagination.

The culture of Earth insists on certain traditions, certain constructions, certain meanings, certain contexts. Imagination has no such limits….

More on this later. For now, here is today’s article:

“The one fact omitted by 99.9 percent of the world’s spiritual teachings is that consciousness can be theatrical.” (Jon Rappoport, The Underground)

In this article, I begin by casting aside the traditional separation between non-material you and your consciousness.

Non-material you has always been alive, and always will be. You are conscious. Your conscious thoughts and actions can move in any way you want them to.

At various times and places, you may have wanted to maintain utter independence and individuality, and at other times you may have wanted to merge with other people.

Think of that merging in much the same way an actor takes on a role in a play. He becomes the character.

He also, when he wants to, stops being the character. He merges and un-merges.

Mountains of spiritual nonsense have been written about the merging, as if it is some form of cosmic awareness that is final and permanent.

The merge/un-merge solves the problem and the confusion about the individual vs. the group. The individual is capable of being “self or other,” but no loss of identity need be involved, and regardless of which state he is in, he is always himself…in the same way an actor playing a role is always himself.

Of course, I’m depicting an individual who knows what he is doing. At various social, psychological, and spiritual levels, most people are not aware of what they’re doing, and so they cling to misleading ideas about their own individuality and their connections to others.

exit from the matrix

And as I’ve been indicating for years, there is an enormous amount of top-down propaganda aimed at convincing the individual that his own concerns must be sacrificed for “the benefit of the group.”

We’re now living through a period in which a “forced merge” is in the ascendance, for political reasons I’ve spelled out in prior articles. “The individual” as a concept is being attacked from all sides. This is the state of Earth culture in the 21st century.

Forced merging and forced individuality both have dire consequences. They bottle up astonishing amounts of energy, and people eventually react by blowing their tops and acting in unpredictable ways.

To forestall this, the use of sedating drugs becomes widespread.

In the long, long run, the individual comes back to himself. Whether it takes a hundred years or a thousand, it happens. Meanwhile, there is a significant amount of social disruption, coercive control, and conflict.

Planet Earth is a theater, and the actors, in these times, are busy pretending they don’t exist. They’re pretending they are the characters they’re portraying and nothing else.

It’s absurd, but there it is.

However, as with any stage presentation, you can walk out on it. You don’t have to abide in the Big Merge.

Jon Rappoport

P.S. This century’s true voyagers will be those who realize that their own imaginations are the ships.

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

13 comments on “Dispensing with the Earth-culture context

  1. From Québec says:

    “Note to my readers: It’s possible that this blog will eventually outpace my work at NoMoreFakeNews. Readership here is growing, and I welcome that.”


    Well, That is a hell of a good news. I knew it would grow considerably, it only needed a bit of time. Since you have started the site, every day, when I open my computer, this is the first site I look at, followed by nomorefakenews and then, Infowars.

    “Planet Earth is a theater, and the actors, in these times, are busy pretending they don’t exist. They’re pretending they are the characters they’re portraying and nothing else.” (Jon)

    That reminds me of a television series, we once had here in Québec two decades ago. One fantastic, great actor was playing the role of a real disgusting bastard. But the people hated this character so much, that the actor was bullied, harassed and targeted in his real life. People would insult him on the street. He said that one day, a guy even spit on him when he passed him by. Oh boy! Some people are really screwed-up.

  2. Andy says:

    Jon, this piece triggered some memories. So I focused on 2 main thoughts.

    1. My ex-wife was a wonderful woman. My friends did not see this. They saw a “crazy” girl. I even thought so a lot of the time. She was relatively normal for a few years until one day, it seemed like she snapped. I read tons of material on behavior to try and understand it cause I loved her. Well I will always love anyone I had said I loved.

    Anyways, the material I read was too rule of thumb. Not dynamic and adaptive to the situation. It also usually came from a researcher who never experienced the behavior.

    Under times of duress, I would hear continuous dialog(ex: starting a sentence and then not stopping for say an hour or so). At first it sounded random. Then I started to recognize patterns. I felt trapped and I was cornered at times. I would never hit a woman so I was cornered and mentally and physically made to listen.

    I did not use strength to get her out of the way. Then it became a psychological battle. I started to get depressed with the idea of being trapped watching someone I loved go crazy. No type of reasoning, anger, threats could alter her course of “talking”. Maybe I should have been more forceful but not my style with loved ones.
    The language she used is similar to what I read on here. I have shared it with others who are opened minded and there is a lot of old mythological concepts and a type of symbology that is “divine” at times.

    Deeply disturbing and sometimes Liberating.
    It seeked out my weaknesses, this personality and try to bury me. I fought for the longest time. As I started to learn more and more by mere observation, it became extremely intriguing to me. I would almost miss the experiences when it was dormant cause I felt like I learned something on a very deep level.

    The times that it took me to the edge of insanity in its attempt to break me down, I started to let it. It was then I realized that there is No Such Thing as Insanity. At least what I thought it was.
    I started to figure out from the patterns that it was a defense against her mother. At times it was her mother. Other times it accused me of being her mother. So I had certain personality traits that resembled this. Her mother was a psychological bull dog. She was as well.

    The subconscious understanding of others and using it to dig. I was not like this but the personality apparently blew up when it recognized something. Maybe I did have some of the personality. I think it was more of a misunderstanding. I had a weird way of joking sometimes. I would dig sometimes but never for harm. Maybe for the ego but always wanted to help.

    The issue which was not an issue was that she allowed her self to be completely unaware of this. I tested her by bringing up her kid who was downstairs and the responsibility that she had at that moment which did not phase her. It had become so real that she agreed to protect it.

    Whoa I got off on a tangent… This experience connects to your piece in my space [Includes your previous article]. She told me again and again in those stages that I needed to stop pretending. Stop acting. Again and again that life is theatre. Not from the literary quotes we heard but there was something very real about the delivery. A comedy of sorts. It got disturbing at times but always intriguing and educational for me.

    It was told to me in a new language. Full of new symbols. I had to learn what each symbol that you ordinarily would pick up on to represent something totally different. You see these patterns if you are in it long enough.
    I would let it ride out. She would come back to normal and laugh about what just happened. She recalled all of it every time but let it happened.

    Maybe that is why I passthrough here periodically cause I feel the same things.
    There is so much more to her experiences. She taught me about the Jewish Prostitute traveling crew that was Joy Division but with more behind it. She talked about her Friend Jack Ruby who treated her to these trips. I went on one with her and it was more real than any psychedelic experience. Similar qualities but more like the dmt sorts but completely natural. We live in downtown Dallas. Maybe she picks up on the energies of these things
    Regardless I wanted to share what this article the previous one triggered.
    2. The second thought it reminded me of is much less interesting and about me. I used to want to be part of groups. I have a ton of friends. A bunch of them are close friends. A few of them are on the would do anything for each other level. Maybe all of them would. However, I feel distanced most of the time to them. I have a girlfriend. A live in one. But I get distanced too. It can be lonely at times but by choice.

    So it has to do with not believing in groups. At least for me. Maybe interaction is interesting but my viewpoint is all groups are conformity. It creates a subconscious groupthink. Just an opinion.

    I watched my friends be shallow, or more human, less human. I never felt like I belong in that sense cause I always thought differently. I kept it to myself. They do care about me dearly and I for them. It used to be hopeless but I started accepting that my real Spiritual journey is a solo one.

    I have become very comfortable with it. I will socialize and go to the group for functions, parties but it is fake and pretentious.

    They tell me I am weird but they love me. I feel complemented when they say I am weird.
    But I am wary of any group no matter how pure the intent.

    Ok that was a little too serious but the result of a reaction to the articles which had not had an impact like this before.

    Thanks for real.. for sharing the articles. Not going to proof read so it is whatever.

  3. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    Good read.

  4. Michael Burns says:

    Dispensing with the Earth-culture context…yes indeed and the rise of individualism.
    Here’s a good start.
    Dismaland by Banksy and friends.

  5. Gökmen says:

    Reason to celebrate for everyone who creates and destroys 5 solar systems and seven galaxies in few minutes.

    • Michael Burns says:

      Wait too cool Gman…
      Nothin like bein in the groove…these guys get down
      I was empty.
      Now I’m full.
      Time to empty again

      • Michael Burns says:

        Post scriptum:
        Do you know about Pastorius Gman…he had a a tragic life.
        Short but wow. His bass was powerful. A fusion of jazz and Latin funk. His jazz is devine.
        Another great touched by the fire who liked surfing at the deep end of the Universe, and got fucked up by the pysch system.
        The branding of your gifts and eccentriciries as manic highs and flaws from a bi-polar or uni-polar diagnosis.
        Lithium, SSRI’S and branded with the infamous chemical imbalance rather that the eccentricity of a true individual, and a brilliant gifted artist.

        Someone beat him into a coma, and he died at 35.
        Those that are visionaries pay a dear price.
        Now they try to get them with Ritalin and ADHD. Before they mature into their vision.

      • gokmencakal says:

        Yea..I know about his life. My oldest cousin introduced me to Jace, so I can learn some pholosphy..long story. But his life, I wouldn’t call it tragic. You know Van Gogh, one minute he painted the most amazing artwork ever known by man and the next minute he cut his ear off. Jaco was a true artist, he knew no limits and he denied all kinds of definitions, well, casually he denied what made him keep his own balance but that’s okay for me. It’s not a tragedy, there’s lesson to be learned. But nonetheless, It’s a unique experience, not a tragedy like guy who drank few bottles of beer crashed into lightpole like everyone can emulate and that’s what I would call tragedy but Jaco, what he did is a uniqueness in it’s full form.

      • gokmencakal says:

        haha, Mike.. imagine these men, discussing the subject on a grey table “he is dead, but he will be back!” then a medical priest in whites walks into the room “hey I found some arsenic pills that makes monkey brains’ flash like christmas” — “okay then, that’s what we have to do..for sake of all humanity, these people can not born again..make billions of those pills and pump it up for every kid” lol

    • From Québec says:

      Nice! I’ve enjoyed it.

  6. From Québec says:


    Jaco Pastorius Jam 1979 Germany (Good Quality) .

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