Are you known or unknown?

Are you known or unknown?

by Jon Rappoport

September 3, 2017

This is the story of someone I knew a long time ago.

Perhaps you know someone who has the same story.

He was exceptionally bright. He spent hours and days in the library, searching sources for information about how the world really operates and who is behind the curtain.

He discovered secrets, and he remembered everything he discovered. He was able to assemble large amounts of data and organize them into connected wholes.

With all of this research, he did…nothing.

Every few months he would come to see me, and we would talk about paths he could take.

Finally, I asked him, “Do you want to be known or unknown?”

It was a question he couldn’t answer.

He would deflect the question and talk about other people. He would talk about history. He would talk about powerful elites. He would talk about civilizations that had risen and fallen.

But he never made up his mind about the question.

The last time I saw him, he was working for a think-tank as an outside consultant. He wasn’t happy. He was using a very small amount of his knowledge and skill to do his job.

The idea of stepping out of the shadows into the light was too much. For him, putting his knowledge into the world was fraught with mystery. He didn’t know how to take the first steps.

“I can’t imagine it,” he said.

We talked about limitations, because he saw himself beset with them. That was the theme of his ongoing story. He told it well. He made a convincing case. Not to me. To himself.

All in all, he was starring in his own myth about remaining unknown.

He saw that my patience was running out. But he was convinced his myth was so complicated and had so many parts, he had to divulge all of it.

I could see, though, that the story would never end. He would keep manufacturing it as long as he needed to—whatever it took, so he could remain unknown.

In that sense, he was quite creative. He could imagine many, many things, as long as they didn’t involve him launching some enterprise in the world that would make him visible.

This wasn’t the tale of Sisyphus pushing a great rock up the hill, only to have it come back down again, forcing him to start over. This was an eternal musing that would keep him from away from the rock and the hill altogether.

The thing was—and I caught an occasional glimpse while he was talking—he knew that once he began to push the rock, it wouldn’t come back down. He could see himself reaching the summit. That was troubling to him. That was too much.

That would cut him off from the postponement which had become so familiar and comfortable.

He was an artist of postponement. It was his forte.

I’m sure his colleagues didn’t see him this way at all. As far as they were concerned, he was a bright hard-working consultant. He turned in good reports. He gave good advice. He understood their questions and problems, and he had solutions.

But in his own thoughts, in his private world, he kept spinning out a story that had no end.

His myth of eternal indecision was his most prized possession.

He had two lives. In one he was entirely acceptable to the people he knew. In the other, he could see events of the world inscribed and painted on a curtain that was hiding the truth behind it.

How many people exist in this fashion? And what would happen if they stepped forward and made some part of that truth known?

Muscle and bone truth, blood truth, brain truth, knowledge truth, soul truth, creative truth.

I’ll finish this with two short excerpts from a work-in-progress, The Magician Awakes:

“You had a dream. Last night, while you were sleeping, the world was the same, but you were joined with yourself. You were enacting a vast plan. You could only glimpse it, but you knew it would stand. It was a sunlit and moonlit thing. It would let people know they could become known. They could be more than the world. There would be no more trouble about that. That question would be gone.”

“All the men with their medals and citations eventually begin to fade. The past is no longer known. The thought of resting on their laurels is less appealing to them. What about now? What about stepping out of the wilderness of memories and testing the voice, to see what it can do? If it wobbles a bit at the beginning, pay no attention. The voice never goes away. It breaks through the envelope of amnesia and inherits a space it was made for. A space larger than time. Then all bets are off.”

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

3 comments on “Are you known or unknown?

  1. Michael Burns says:

    I like outside the reality Machine, your writing is much better out here, lol.

    Interesting story, and now for you Jon…

    “You had a dream. Last night, while you were sleeping, the world was the same, but you were joined with yourself. You were enacting a vast plan. You could only glimpse it, but you knew it would stand. It was a sunlit and moonlit thing. It would let people know they could become known. They could be more than the world. There would be no more trouble about that. That question would be gone.”

    The long course of a life unravelling the cobwebs of amnesia, of who and what I am. And that discovery, of the hidden which I must admit I have been greatly, a part off. But rarely admit to…and if you asked it, I will deny it…

    …You tell an interesting story Magician. So many have fallen into the ego trap of, I am a human. and humans are the most intelligent thing on this planet. Man is not the only mammal on the planet. There are mammals, who have been around a lot longer than he has, the whale for instance was a land mammal that went back to the sea. I mean really there is more water here, than there is land. Seems like a logical response to the question of evolution or adaptation. And whales are more free, in some sense. Not bound by the walking around, even the burden of atmospheric pressure seems less, when floating on an ocean. The gliding and floating in that great fluid, is like flight.

    It’s this mnufactured mind box a man lives in. He allows it to be built for him, he helps build it himself. It limits his perceptions, of himself and his surroundings, and fear and for the mostpart condiioning stops him from reaching out past it. Dare he ever reach out past it. He has been taught and conditioned to fear anything outside it. Mankind likes his little mind cage. It’s safe and secure and he will not ask any real questions, any of the hard questions…even of himself.

    Man will not stand for the notion that there is something greater than he, living on this very planet. His highly competitive nature, strips him of any sense of fairness. He would not even stand the notion that he is a lesser in the great family of sentients. Even out in the great abundance of the Universe, it would be a shock to him.
    Such a low creature he is…A poor thing locked in slavery; enslaved by himself primarily. And it is that which makes it so easy for others to further enthrall him. He has not really come to terms with the fact that he is,  a spirit and a soul first, and then the experiencer. Believing the false notion, that consciousness is a chemical reaction, something that he might re-created in laboratory. A universal experiment going on, and on, billions of times. Or something that would be gained in the creation of a great organic machine. An artificial sense of himself. He will never leave this planet because of that belief. It will tie him to the material of this place until he makes himself extinct. Because of his carelessness.
    He is self possessed. And narcistic.

    Meanwhile the thing that is greatest in him, he suppresses in himself. Forces it into the back regions of his psyche, behind a veil of lies, that has been carefully constructed, that have been told to him about himself, and that he tells others about himself. And, that is told to him by the powers that hold a grip on all life here on this planet earth. And the great lie continues..

    His real self is under the floor of his mind, in a box, in the dark with a large lock on it. And at night it is released from its bonds, and like a shadow, like a dark vapor is freed from the heavy denseness of the material, and soars so very high and away to the adventure and then retires to its confines again when it returns upon daybreak. At the edge of waking, convicted and imprisoned to its host until its final release.

    I have a story to tell you. But to tell this tale will take some time magician. This story encompasses such a vast and enormous space. Greater than this small human space ‘we’ occupy. This limited frequency of consciousness that is a human.

    I was once… much greater than what you see in front of you. I mean, what you see here. In this spectrum of light, this fleshed thing. I was so much larger than this man, this human man. In size, yes but much freer in spirit, intellect and ambition, creative power.
    I was once larger than what is possible here. Of course I would say that the only limit is the imagined. But then you know this, you are an artist, and you are a, magician.

    You are wise, and your skills I’m sure are honed and your are adept.
    But, I do not wish to denigrate, or put you off. To put it bluntly…they would be tricks, to the functions of a body I once was; I was alive in another body different from this one. If it should be called that, body seems like a crude term for what I was, in another time…that other time so far from here. A different place, in an unusual galaxy, a million years ago. And yet I remember it so well. I remember it like it was a second ago.
    It has been a long and hard fall for me. And I say fall, for there are no other words for to express this…this strange tale I tell to you. But in this limited capacity as a man, I shall try to tell you this story Magician. Take of it what you will, and deny and leave what you don’t like.

    You might say I am in what you would call, a reversal…yes…a falling back to a lower state. A lower vibrational state. A going backwards on the wheel of existence. In a sense; it is difficult to speak about this, to find the words to describe it.

    Immortality is a fact; and the expanding consciousness, is not always a forward moving phenomenon. A smaller to larger, lesser to greater event. Imperfection to perfection; it does not always go that way, existence in this universe, it is not so simple. It is misunderstood here. So jaded by religion, and mysticism. And science is a belief, a belief in dogmatic theories postulated by long dead men, who sought merit over wisdom. They expressed their flawed logic, critical as they thought they might be, but they are simply footnote in textbooks now. Even the greatest got it wrong. Freedom was lost, so pure desire and imagination and the great creative impulse was the casualty. Followed by truth as it pallbearer.

    I was once, sentient and aware, in a more perfected thing. A great being among a race of greater beings, on a vast and unspeakably beautiful planet. The most beautiful of places. And yet…not ‘the’ beautiful place; there are others, many others. This great and beautiful universe that we live in, is endless. It always has been. It has no boundaries, there are no edges. And it will never end, and it has always been there.

    My home was on a planet circling a blue-white star. A large massive star. Hyacintho Sol a vast super giant of a star. One of the larger in this Universe. A sun that would have filled the space in this solar system to the outer reaches of the planet Saturn. The light and pure energy from that ancient sun was like photons of gold and silver bathing the beauty in all things, in a singular form of what you and I would call light.

    The very planets that rotate around such a sun, are conscious and living things, and are worshipped by the primitives on the many worlds that circle it, as their Gods…and there are many worlds Magician.
    A thousand planets revolve around that great bright sun. And a thousand moons spin around those planets. Some planets have multiple moons, some have none at all. And the sound that is made by it all this circling, from those spinning things, throughout that vast solar system; as it is all balanced within a hair’s breathe. It is an endless dance of great, wonderous and beautiful and glorius things.

    These planets and moons hold a billion species of life. From the micro to the macro; trees on planet Secundus whose tops easily reach a thousand feet. And who’s base would take up city blocks.
    Lifeforms on Aqualocus larger than a five-story building, swimming effortlessly and disturbing the water no more than like a glass knife through that heavy liquid; vibrant and beautiful, and each one unique within their own world. And the multiple things that live and die on that great beast. A world onto itself.

    Also things so small, so tiny and yet sentient and creative. For instance, on the darker and more distant places and moons. Lifeforms like a kind of earth slime mould.
    They live life as a single cell, were food is abundant, and there is no threat to it. But under stress, as in situations of scarcity or attack by an environmental agents, or other lifeforms. Or in the process of procreation. The single organisms come to together and builds defense. They build what could be called factories to manufacture toxins in defense, or foods and materials to house themselves. They can test their environments for the success of their manufactured defenses and make adjustments as necessary. And in their sexual unions create large beautiful fruiting bodies. That mutate and morph and change into the most beautiful of objects.

    Some species of this life form seek out atoms of gold or the other precious metals like platinum, and bring it together into one place. These can take up great spaces and form themselves like jewelled ornaments on a cliff face. Or even a forest, on limbs and branches. Square miles of the golden lifeform.They are spectacular when seen in sunlight, as they sparkle, gold glittering.
    Sometimes the gold originates hundreds of miles from these beautiful displays, much to the dismay of those who seek it so obsessively for its value.

    The planets; Primus the large, Secundus and it’s moons, Ultimo Illo and Primo Geniti.
    Parvulus called the Little One, the smallest in the solar system; were the Buluu Wina thrive. But yet it is larger than planet earth.
    Aqualocus the water place, a planet of oceans… And many other moons and planets. Satellites, too numerous to speak here. And most with names, you would not understand even if I spoke them. This language that we speak is far too vulgar and crude to pronounce such words or sounds. The names and the languages of these places are so complex compared to earth. Many with the object-verb-subject language. Some involve complex sounds, pictures, color…it is difficult, to try to utter the sound, it would insult their names, we will leave it at that for while, shall we?

    And to were my tale begins, the place called Hyacintho Adamas, the diamond planet. A very large planet. A place made all of crystal and light. There is water there, great oceans of heavy water, and other liquids pressed down by unbearable atmospheric pressure. That would crush a human body in an instant.
    Shining and sparkling oceans filled with life and forever. Strange and wonderful beings walking, flying and swimming. Sentient races living beneath those seas as also high above them. Lifeforms isolated to within layers of that vast atmosphere. Lifeforms that float like great dirigibles. That extract gases from the atmosphere that aid in their buoyancy. Rarely having a need to descend to the planet, except in death. That float as easily as a whale floats in the Pacific ocean.

    Adamas is not the largest planet in the solar system, but it is the most advanced, of all the living planets. It is believed on many worlds that all who die go to Adamas in the their end. It is considered by lesser conscious lifeforms to be… what you would call heaven. Adamas is thought to be the beginning of life magician. There are some who believe that all the life in universe began there. And having spread across the universe and evolved to become unrecognizable shapes of what were the originals.

    The most conscious of all lifeforms, in the Hyacintho solar system, and most advanced in the surrounding worlds, are a hominid type species. They are very tall and are, a lean and graceful creature. They have evolved over eons to be of great quality. Superior in their intelligence, emotionally and spiritually profound, having tremendous imaginative and creative power. They are called by no other name than the ‘Knoche’ (pronounced ‘knock’).
    They are the Adamans. And they have made many, many worlds. They have also saved and destroyed many more, in their movement towards… perfection and balance.

    They are semi-transparent energy beings. They do not eat, as you and I eat, but feed in a process quite similar…but a more complex form of, and like earth’s plant photosynthesis.
    The powerful energy from the sun, enters their bodies and nourishes and transforms matter such as the minerals and metals that are taken up through the very soles of their feet. Each breath they take in, so quietly, transforms the light that enters them, along with uptake of such matter into a vision of the most unimaginable beauty. You have not seen anything like this Magician. They are a species set apart from all beings. It would be easy to call them Gods. To stand next to the Knoche heals all things that ails one. Their pure luminous bodies emanate great energy that will feed a deep hunger within you. And their lives are very long; upwards of fifteen hundred of their years. And yet they would say, they are still not perfect in this state.

    The Knoche are seen differently off world as compared to their home planet. Not that many have seen that great place. Life support systems have to be created for the visitor to survive on Adamas. A great amount of that what is considered fact about Adamas, circulated among the other planets is guess, myth, propaganda. For the Knoche are a very private race. They are not afraid of others, they are simply private.

    Hyacintho Sol is the name of the blue-white sun, that planet Adamas circles. Once around the sun is the equivalent of about five earth years. In that period of time, ten, what could be called seasons are lived on Adamas. Within the cycle of what could be called a year.
    Adamans have a different understanding of what time means. They cannot stop it, but do have this ability to enhance it, in sense. It can seem like it is slowing down or speeding up. The perception of a precious moment can be held for an extended moment longer.

    The seasons on Adamas are quite unique, as compared to earth. Earth has its spring, summer, fall and winter.
    There is the darkening on the great diamond planet, when giant planet Primus blocks out in an eclipse the light of Sol. This darkness; this twilight lit only by the reflected light from the moons and other planets. Is a strange period for the Knoche. They spend a lot time in solitude, alone and for the most part isolated from each other. Some have mistaken this as their weakness, only to find that the knoche are darker during this brief period. And what do I mean by darker? A sort of introversion, a looking into themselves. This is a very important time in their year.
    This eclipse lasts a period that would be no less than six months of time on planet earth.

    There is the time of three, when Primus and Secundus share the sky with the sun. Two dark periods that eclipse parts of the day, at different times and another period of roughly six months earth time is finished. The remaining time and seasons are spent with various other moons and satellites in tableau and dance in a violet-blue sky.

    The night on Adamas is bright, but not like the daylight. Enormous stars and satellites, move through the heavens, and moons and planets in different phase, dazzle the sky watching. Two other smaller spiral galaxies, like pin-wheels are laid upon the curtain of the night like gem brooches.
    Hyacintho sol is a very complex and ancient part of the Universe.

    The atmosphere of Hyacintho Adamas is thick, some seventy-five hundred earth miles. The composition of the lower atmosphere is similar to earth’s in gases, but less oxygen, more nitrogen and a rare gas, Xenon. This rare gas is three percent of the total atmosphere. Some think it the true source of power of the Knoche, the thing that makes them such magical beings. So much more empowered, so intelligent, less flawed than those that envy them.
    But it is not so, their greatness is a path they have chosen to take…

    Atmospheric pressure is very high, as I have said earlier. Hyacintho Adamas and the Knoche, are in an energy balance here, the Knoche draw life also from the great planet. And are in contact at all times. It is a living being. And it seems the Knoche are an extension of it, the fruiting body of it; and the Knoche glide effortlessly and in a harmony through any environment they wish to enter.

    The great pressures on Adamas will not tire the Knoche in the least. They are made for it. Energy radiates from them, and to them, and to be in their presence is to be filled with its power and beauty.
    Adamas is a place that would seem fitting of a dream. The lifeforms are unusual there, the place shines, everything shines, like it is made of crystal and pure light. Energy emanates from everything that exists there and would kill the human body in an instant. The radiations there are native to Adaman lifeforms. They have evolved in it.

    There are places were strange physics take place. As one would understand this as a human man. Places were light, and atmosphere, sound react differently; places were the lifeforms interacts with the ecology, and manipulate their surroundings.
    There are also forests, and trees and rocks. Massive mountains scapes, mountains so great and high as to dwarf anything that we have seen; think in hundreds of miles high.
    There are great forces on this planet that twist and pull it into shape, as in any other world. Rivers and lakes, streams and oceans; everything seems larger there, more monumental, everything is larger there.

    The Knoche are a very advanced species, having great intuitive and creative power, as I have said. They inspire greatness in those that they meet and build relationships with, and are limited only by what they can’t imagine, and it is a powerful imagination that they hold.
    They are able to conceive of, and construct great large things. Enormous things, that a human mind could not grasp. They move a moon as easily as one would lift an apple and place it on a shelf. Their technologies are vastly ahead of anything you have witness as technology or would even call technological, there is no real difference between it and real magic Magician. Most of their technologies are beyond devices; operated using telepathy or sound. Some are operated by touch. A majority of their powers are the simple amplifications of these body functions. They have technological devices unique to the owner, It was designed for its owner. So to acquire it would be a useless attempt at grasping power. It would not work any other way. It could modulate a thought, or help focus it, in such small and precise ways.
    In foreign hands such an object, would be a dead object.

    The culmination of all these processes enable the Knoche to be giants in what they can make and produce.
    The Knoche make worlds.
    The Knoche have learned to harvest the power of their sun. It has been a vast undertaking that they have about for generations.
    They have expanded its output to join the other worlds together in a federation, and it supplies vast energy to the these worlds. The Knoche have never lessened their grasp of this resource. The immeasurable power of this resource. It is their technology, and they watch its use and do not allow any race to dominate it, or use it against another. Or to learn its deeper secrets.

    Their heightened sense of art, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation. What we would consider paranormal abilities, is common place. As common place as a breath would be, or a movement of a hand.
    Their abilities to create are as great as the power they hold to destroy or to heal and improve whatever they touch. It allows them to move into realms and conditions of life, creation and existence matched only by that of a great god. Were you are stopped by your materiality, they are not.
    Were lifeforms have a dire need for a habitat, and to be connected to it, they are above all that.
    They understand your condition more than you are capable of understanding it yourself, and they will read your intent before it is thought. It is this condition that so many have come to fear. It is this condition that makes them such a threat. Only those who reach a pure heart are at ease beside the Knoche.

    The great Knoche race have transformed worlds that were devastated by great war, or destruction and pestilence. Planets that have been ravaged and destroyed by corporations for resources have been brought back from oblivion.
    They have stopped the sun in the sky, and then started it again.
    Civilizations that have been reduced through chaos are brought back to flourish in life again. They have ended droughts and made deserts into forests. They have quelled and cured hunger and plague and ignorance. They are capable of feeding a planet in an instant, and they are supremely benevolent in their intent.

    Their home world is a vision of absolute beauty,the natural is enhanced only within confines of their great cities. Works of art so magnificent, so beyond what we as humans are capable of thinking of as art. They would rather die than make war on another, it is not in them. They are not conquerors. Their great power is for defense, or the defense of others. They have been forced to destroy, but it only makes them less, and they know this. They will give something up rather than move to war with it. But when they are forced, it has been a great and most terrible thing to witness. The Knoche… are unbreakable, and in war they have never suffered a defeat.

    I was once one of the Knoche…magician.
    As if one could stop being, or remember being one of the Knoche.
    I find it difficult for my consciousness to be in this form. It is limiting. Imagination and perception are there for me. Within the constraints of this body. But I know I am greatly limited and reduced in value. For me it is like walking through water, all the time. These movements that a human body are made for, can be cumbersome to a spirit that understands a greater freedom. Everything feels so heavy, and taxing, speech is heavy, breathing, thinking is heavy. Humanness does have its moments, but consciousness feels squeezed into a smaller space. We as humans are not below being like the Knoche. They were once like us.
    There is nothing grandiose about them, they are themselves, and nothing more, no fakery, no condescension. They are not led by an ego. An ego is not the center of what they are. They are not moved by empire or power, wealth or any sense of superiority. They don’t consider themselves above others, or measure themselves that way. They have great empathy for the races that cannot rise above their flaws.
    The Knoche would not lie, or cheat, or steal, there would be no reason for it. Nothing they would wish is gained by it. Consciously they are built a different way. Their way is only a way of truth.

    Knoche are light, a warm soft blue-white energy. Movement is a thought, rather than thought then an action. No effort at all, really. The Knoche are not mechanisms; muscles, sinew and bone bending and flexing continuously. The matter in their bodies is the lesser part of them. They weigh meer ounces here on earth. One hundred-thousand pounds per/square inch of atmosphere has evolved them uniquely as has their sun and the atmosphere they breathe. And the minerals in their soil.

    They have developed relationships with many of the nations of Hyacintho Sol system. They are one species of many sentient species, similar to themselves in nature; and I mean peaceful and with a respect for other lifeforms. And a belief in non-interference and non violence.
    In some cases, like with the less advance, and technologically inferior they are silent protectors, no one knows who and what they protect, of those who otherwise would be colonized and conquered by the many expansionist races and worlds in the Hyacintho Sol system.

    They are both feared , and in a majority of those cases unjustly, and on the other hand deeply loved and respected above all. They will not interfere generally in the political development of worlds. And usually stay out of squabbles and disagreements between them. In matters related to aggressing nations on the less powerful, they will silently bring the situation back to a balance.
    They do not take sides politically and will not fight on one or another side. They will not supply arms to a lesser nation, but accused at many system council gatherings of such things.
    The Knoche will not allow tyranny to take hold of a weaker race, or allow this type of behavior to go on in their presence. Or for such a grievance to go unpunished by the greater system council. They may not like the constant pestering over the Parvulan matter, by the council. But will use their influence to bring justice to the aggressive. And advocate for empowering the weaker in a conflict. And empowerment does not mean arming.

    The knoche are great teachers.
    They are as secretive as they are mysterious about their great power, never flaunting it and they will never share it. They understand fully…with great power, comes that responsibility. They are capable of military power great enough to kill a planet.
    The space that they occupy is impossible to breach. And many with dark hearts have tried.
    There are long periods when the Adamans are not seen or heard from.

    They are respected highly, and have an amiable political relationship with the people of Secundus. Secundus is governed by a quasi-technological monarchy. It could be said that both races are friends. The monarchy’s apparent lack of technological power has made them ripe for corruption. Those that seek such a power, have had at times been the political majority, which is when Secundus strays from the influence, or I should say guidance of the Adamans, but this is confronted legitimately; there are factions within their house of lords which oppose the friendship Secundus has with the Knoche. And they wish to bring an end to that friendship. They feel as proper allies the Knoche should share what they know, including their powerful technologies. Primarily their weapons.
    It is suspected that a major amount of the propaganda waged against the Knoche, that reaches the greater system council is of their doing. A number of the assassination attempts, and conspiracies that arise against Secundan royalty or against the Knoche, originate within the halls of the house of lords. They are an ancient order, and many within that house are locked in secret pacts that go back many hundreds of years. Family alliances, sealed together in marriage or birth.

    The Knoche have a great affection and love for the lesser races than themselves. They are generous and have chosen to help all others progress, and when they can, and when they are asked, mentor them. They will go to great expense to help any race set up just and fair political systems that help them rise from their poverty, injustice and ignorance. And to bring a dignity to their representatives to the system council. Parvulus is one such place. And the Buluu Wina are one such race.

    The Buluu Wina are a small blue creature, that is fiercely independent, and imaginative. They are great artists and make everything that they need in life. They are a happy race, that give of themselves, and enjoy making art objects for off-world clients.
    The Buluu mate for life, and will become ill if separated from a mate. They are very close in their marriage arrangements. They love deeply. And live in very tightly knit communities, of artisans. They have wonderful happy children and live freely in the sun. They eat the fruits and vegetable things, and live and thrive in a specific tropical region of Parvulus. The Buluu are looked after, guided and mentored by the Knoche, with a bare minimum of interference. They are protected.

    The Knoche are guardians here and have forbidden anyone from entering the region. The Buluu are a fragile species living in a eco-system, that is also quite vulnerable to off world lifeforms. It has been declared something of uniqueness, by many of the ruling races of the system planets; Parvulus is to be protected and treated like a national treasure. No one is allowed to enter the region unless requested specifically by the Buluu Wina, or through a formal request.
    The Buluu are advised by a Knoche governor of the Parvulan Space Station as to the nature and desires of other species wishing an audience with them. The Knoche have appointed themselves to advocate on behalf of the Buluu Wina. And the Buluu love and respect the Knoche, and are advised and trust them in these matters.

    In the early days of the discovery of Parvulus. In the beginning time when the Buluu first came to know the Knoche. A vicious viral plague almost wipe them out of existence. It was a terrible time, and a terrible thing to see. The virus was eradicated at great cost to both the Buluu and the Knoche. And some say the Knoche took the worse of it.
    In the end it brought both races together in a bond that has become very strong. The Buluu Wina did not blame the Knoche, but instead greatly admired their help, sacrifice and truth during the epidemic.
    It might be said that this one particular moment, this tragedy was the singular most important reason for the Knoche and Buluu to realize how inextricably they were bound together. How the future extolled that they move towards it together. A force for good, and greater understanding.
    It was then that the space station was created with strict laws on who could visit this little world.
    There is a general quarantine of three days on the station now before entering the planet. One must go through strict medical, psychological and criminal investigation. No one is above this. No one.

    There have been seven Knoche governors of Parvulus Station, they do not impose rule over the Buluu Wina people, or the other races on Parvulus, but advise and protect those interests. They run the space station, and a security defense net that circles the planet, nothing enters or leaves without the Knoche knowing of it.
    The governor serves as a…go-between for visiting dignitaries. The Knoche are the bridge that all must be cross, between the vast and overwhelming Hyacintho system and Parvulus… the Little One.

    The first governor of the great space station was Kuyambira Atate; the beginning father. Who was there during the ravages of the plague and who built the great space station. He was involved for a greater part of the curing and healing of the plague, and on returning of the Buluu Wina genome back to before the viral contamination. The virus did not strengthen the Buluu, but instead weakened them. Knoche and Buluu relations were stretched during his governorship. The Buluu lost many during the epidemic, the greater part of the dead were children. It ravaged them the most. There were a great number of the adults that died broken from this. Many families and villages that lost all the children. Suicides happened, something that had never been part of the social consciousness before, suicide was unheard of before the plague.
    In a one incident, after the entire village had lost all their children, the adult Buluu had laid down and simply stopped.
    This one incident nearly broke the Knoche, they blamed themselves. A darkness showed itself on the Knoche soul. And it is why they are become so inflexible and strict on Parvulan matters.

    After Kuyambira , came Kokha Atate, beginning father. He gave his all, he pored every last drop of himself into the healing. There are statues of him on every world of the Hyacintho system. He was loved and respected by many.

    And Mnzanga Atate, lonely father. The brother of Kokha. Who never got over the loss of Kokha. Something broke in him, which was never seen in the Knoche. He and his brother were twinned in way. They are such strong beings, the Knoche. Their emotions are so clean and refined, they vibrate on a high emotional level. The loss of Mnzanga seemed a terrible waste.

    Then came Kuwala Atate, shining father, whom the Buluu loved dearly. Who found his greatness in the service of the Buluu.

    Succeeded by Zachisoni Atate, the sad, and his political persecution by members within the system council.
    The constant bickering, legal stance, and failing negotiations which always quickly fell to contention. Tired him and was a great burden he carried. All this instigated by the greedy and power-hungry house of lords on Secundus seeking trade, and manipulation of the Buluu and the growing curiosity about a rumour that the Knoche were hiding something. Something they had discovered on Parvulus. The rumours and lies tore at him. Too much of his time he spent on this matter.

    Then came Kukangola Bambo, the beautiful father. Who healed the past between the Buluu and the Knoche. He soothed the political strife, and quell the anger of the system council members. He was strong. He set up the institutions which enabled off world artists to visit Parvulus for the first time and learn from and in hope inspire and possibly ignite the mastery of the Buluu Wina once again.

    And then…I came. I was Mayo Atate, the soul father. Mine was the darkest period of Governorship over planet Parvulus.
    That is when the Anjala came to the Little One.

    The Anjala of Yara 6 are reptiles. What can be said of them. They are a greedy, a predatory race, bent on dominion and the domination of all that they see. They are conquerors lacking any creative impulse. Great destroyers, they have left nothing but chaos and waste, on every planet that their boots have stepped onto. Their civilization was built on blood, war and the subjugation of their vanquished. They are petty and in a constant state of strife among themselves. Political office is fought over incessantly, and assassination is not an unusual event within their political system. In fact it is encouraged and the Anjala play that game so well. Their enslavement of other races and a barbarous nature, but not so primitive, at least not primitive to technology, which they gladly take, steal from their defeated, and they have many enemies. Many hate them, and whose lives have been destroyed by the ruthless Anjala.
    They are not liked or trusted by the other races. They have a great fear of, and do their best to cause fear and hatred of the Knoche even though the Knoche are indifferent to them, and have never interfered in their way of life. As long as they stay on their home world, and fight and kill and eat each other in their petty rivalries. The Knoche have tried in the past to build relationships, only to leave them in to their ways. They have be warned to stay on Yara 6.

    The Anjala are cannibals, they eat the vanquished. They enslave and bring back to the home world or their colonies, slaves which are bred for their dinner plates. They have broken every single one of the treaties that they have signed in their political negotiations with other worlds, and the system council. And they like eating the sentient.

    Many of their worst war criminals are captive in Prison moons governed, built and secured by the Knoche. The Knoche will not tolerate their crimes. The Anjalan aggression to others is unprovoked as they are feared and shunned. They are despicable dictators, and a terrifyingly cruel race. Pain and suffering spices the meal they eat.
    The Knoche will hunt them down for their crimes. And they are criminals. Being sentient only makes them worse. They gain pleasure in others pain. The Knoche serve as the control that stopped what would otherwise be vast and swift Anjalan expansionism.

    Some of the worst Anjala, like the war chief, Yoopsa Chokwawa. An old reptile with many past crimes and terrible sins. He is the most evil of beings. Spends his remaining years on the barren moon prison on Ultimo Illo. Part of the planet Secundus system. He with numerous followers reside on that prison moon. It was built for them.
    It is a panopticon. Actually it is a great vessel embedded in the moon, that can be launched into space and placed on a self destruct that would obliterate it at the sign of any breach or escape from it.

    The Anjala live to be about 500 years old. Yoopsa is in his third century. Multiple legal pleadings by the Anjalans for a release or reduction in his sentence have been denied. There have been a number of poorly organized escape attempts. Only for the knoche to arrive at the home world in force. With the ultimatum that if this is tried again, Yara 6 will pay the penalty severely.

    Yoopsa razed the exploration colony of New Horizon. A colony of Primo Geniti. Twelve thousand, six hundred and seventy-one inhabitants on New Horizon was slaughtered, mutilated, eaten and tortured. Yoopsa was captured while in the process of dining on a child in the colony’s main hall.
    Yoopsa pleads innocent on these crimes, his legal stance is that he is simply being an Anjalan. And these are the ways of his species.

    It came to the notice of Parvulan station that the Anjala had been closely skirting the outer edges of a no fly zone in Parvulan space. The security net was up and working at 100%. A ship was sent to investigate. Everything seemed routine.
    Personally I was away at the time on Adamas, called back to my home for an important meeting when the raid happened.
    An armada of Anjalan ships enter Parvulan space. Newly acquired technology, it seemed, had allowed for the Anjala to neutralize the space net before a warning could be sent out. The scout ship sent to investigate, had ceased to return any calls back to the station for help. The Anjala are merciless in their raids. They are swift and supremely efficient at this work.

    It was an extermination, nearly 300 million inhabitants of Parvulus died, or were dragged off as slaves. For the breeding farms of Yara 6, and the colonies. Or for that matter their pleasure of simply killing them. The reptiles used new technologies, something that was known that they did not possess. Something that they should not have had. A violation of a council treaty.

    The hardest hit were the Buluu Wina. The Anjala had acquired a taste for the little people. The estimates were that a great number of the Buluu Wina were taken back to Yara 6, or its military bases on the moons. It is believed that using them as hostages was a possible reason.
    Many of the Buluu left the system for Anjalan colonies in deep space.The reptile had arrived with massive mining freighters. And huge battle vessels. Their intent was a harvest. They’re near obliteration of the planet, plunged it into a planetary winter. The eco systems were collapsing. Millions were dying from the destruction of a fragile planetary systems. They used Atomics and toxins, genetic weapons on the people. The destruction and waste that is inflicted in their wake, is unbelievable.
    It makes no sense to cause so much devastation, purposely.

    The grief was unbearable, news started arriving from the other worlds, that the Knoche caused this in their arrogance to control Parvulus. That if other forces had been allowed to assist in the governance of the planet, this would not have happened.
    Propaganda aimed at a distracted Knoche rolled out from their enemies, who saw a weakness, and an opportunity.
    Upon learning this news the Knoche closed all borders under their control in the solar system. They would not take audience with any government on the Parvulan matter. Communication between them and the other worlds stopped.
    And then finally a message arrived. Any world, or nation, or people who entered Parvulan or Knoche space, would be destroyed immediately without warning. There would be no second warning. Parvulan space was off-limits.

    A massive fleet…the largest Armada of Knoche vessels ever seen left Adamas for Parvulan space.
    I Mayo Atate sent that armada.

  2. Terri says:

    Thank you, Jon. Choosing to be seen is a struggle for many. We must stop the punitiveness in our society so humans are no longer repressed and can more easily choose to shine.

    Parents show your children they are loved every day, do not break their precious spirits and hearts with pettiness that doesn’t matter. Do not abandon them to the machine. In doing so, you will heal yourself and then you shine as well.

  3. Paul says:

    A Powerful & telling Tale, Jon.

    I must say, your longevity & stamina has always amazed me.
    Most Happily.

    I could make up a quick New Agey thing, & say you’re “an old soul, an Ancient Warrior, been down this type of path before & in so, have rightly developed, meaningful, powerful skills.”

    But I think you’d chuckle at that, perhaps rightly so.

    It’s funny, along the lines of political media-talkers, especially those that pen a “controversial” (somewhat) book, if they get a lot of push-back, they often disappear. Could be due to a myriad of reasons.

    I don’t agree with much that Amy Goodman (LINK TV: Democracy Now show) covers, but she has had great stamina. She reminds me of an Ancient nun. Who knows?

    Bottom Line: personal courage.

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