Higher chaos from order

Higher chaos from order

by Jon Rappoport

November 28, 2017

“You need to understand the bottom line of mind-programming. It’s not only the content of the programming, it’s the fact that stimulus-response is the method. Trying to embed any Pavlovian wiring is also trying to limit or eradicate the creative force. A planet of eight billion people modified to be kind, helpful, generous, sharing, and cooperative is a farce. That’s not the way things actually work, in a natural sense. Making them work that way is simply putting a layer of false behavior over a tsunami of energy. The results are predictable.” (Preparatory notes on Exit From The Matrix, Jon Rappoport)

This is another article in which I examine real human psychology, as opposed to the fetid academic and therapeutic versions peddled at universities and in therapists’ offices.

The creative personality, which is to say, the force that rejects the status quo in favor of inventing something new, is working against and beyond established order.

The creative personality is not obsessively interested in things as they are, but rather in new things he can make.

Therefore, he introduces a state of affairs in which there is chaos. Chaos, relative to the established order.

He does not mind this.

He knows that many “harmonies and symmetries” exist, and they function to keep people tuned to a “mass equilibrium”…which is a state of mind. A passive state.

Order in and of itself is not an inherently desirable condition.

Once upon a time, the notion of an airplane flying in the sky was chaotic to the public state of mind. The preferable state was motion along the ground. That was order.

Eventually, flying in a plane become the new order, acceptable by all.

Every new breakthrough breaks something.

The New Age quest for larger and larger harmonies was an effort to bypass the need for individual creative breakthroughs. It foundered and continues to founder on those rocks.

So-called alternative news online was a breakthrough that profoundly disturbed the order of mainstream controlled news. Therefore, it was called fake. We are now witnessing an attempt to put that genie back in the bottle.

Individuals who want to be creative often pull up short and fail to follow through, because they know they’ll be introducing an element of chaos into order. They recoil at this idea. It’s too much for them, because they’ve been trained like pets.

Even the paintings of Italian Renaissance masters, which we now look at as examples of extreme perfection and order, were, at the time, experienced as chaotic, relative to the flat icons of medieval art. The new paintings broke the mold. They alarmed the viewer with their illusions of perspective. By what right did humans render Depth and thereby approach the creations of the Deity?

This is not to say that all rejections of order are automatically good. But all truly creative endeavors, in any field, involve fracturing some previous order—in the world and in the mind.

In order to maintain stability while creatively breaking through, a philosophic stance is invaluable. For example—an understanding of what freedom means for the individual, and how it has been achieved, against odds, in the midst of tyrannies. How freedom is an inherent quality. How dynamic it is. How it enables the individual to create unlimited energy.

A psychology of individual creativity seems remote, because “so few people want to create something new,” but this argument is shallow. The ongoing programming of people from birth is the reason so many are satisfied with things as they are.

What I call the Reality Machine doesn’t only turn out “things as they are.” It also tries to program people to accept what it turns out.

It is an android by and for androids.

The imagination exercises [which I present in Exit From The Matrix] go against the grain of established order, go beyond that order. They allow a person to invent and experience SOMETHING THAT EXISTS which comes from himself, rather than from an external pattern.

External pattern is interesting and useful. But it isn’t the end-all and be-all. External pattern tends to convince people that the reality it represents is final. This is an illusion…

Exit From the Matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

5 comments on “Higher chaos from order

  1. Michael burns says:

    I have pulled Blofeld back out again; time for a re-reading. I can see you point, in a way the world is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

    I would be interested to find out how you came upon these exercises, did you invent them…must I invent my own?

    I will go back to EFM, and listen again, maybe it would be good back ground to what I do in my studio, which I slowly am coming round to…guess I need to get hard on myself for a little while, establish a new obsession.

    I was taking a look at Goya’s “Yard with Lunatics”; have you seen it…it is a quite modern painting really. A vision, he had during the digestion of what he witnessed. The old man thought he was going mad…he saw some terrible things; torture and the defiling of human beings. He is tremendous, and I consider him one of my fathers; and the visionaries like Cole, Blake, Moreau, Klimt, Morris Graves, Erasmus…


    Anyway, it’s a painting about light; not the light you see…but that internal light that illuminates the space occupied by a dream and dreamer. The light defines the shape of the space, its vastness, or the closed feeling within the Iron sky. the light creates the vastness or smallness of the space, it gives shape and all its textures, corners and lines. It is not like sunlight, sunlight is a different thing.

    Personally I consider it his best work; why?

    Because he naked and terrified, he is fragile, easily broken, and he knows it.  He is exposed finally to himself, he sees what he is, what he can become if he allows himself to slips into their hands. I see his struggle with his individuality, hanging on to it, his freedom. The freedom inside himself, which I am sure you will agree and understand is the most important of all freedoms. A man can be free even in the darkest of dungeons Jon.

    What does it have to do with what you said? Nothing really…but it does talk to dealing with that chaos; talks about an artist finding his own power, that, how did you put it; that ‘SOMETHING THAT EXISTS’ that is himself.

    Good piece thank-you.

    • Sunshine2 says:


      This will appear trite after what you wrote (very deep by the way), but, but, but I wanted to tell you about last night’s episode of the x-files. Remember you created that futuristic stellar speech by some IT god’s great, great grandson and how people could opt to upload to a virtual forever world? Well, they featured that idea on the x-files. Hah! Of course, it was an option for after you died, but that’s millimeters from sacrificing yourself for the greater good before your life runs out… It was portrayed as a negative idea, something to be got rid of, shut down, but now the idea is out there, isn’t it?

      • Sunshine2 says:

        Wanted to add, the series does not hold the trance and fascination it once did. Not sure if it is the writing, production, acting, or me. Guess I will need to watch an older episode to find out.

  2. From Quebec says:

    The problem with the creative individuals is that a lot of bad people create horrors. Like Robots to replace humanity, weapons of mass destruction like nuclear power who could blow up the whole world. Vaccines who fry the brain, GMO, Chemtrails, self driving cars, Killer drones, Chips to control you and spy on you. Even the new technologies like the wireless so-called Smart phone, Smart this or smart hat fries your brain also,

    Of course a lot of good people create great things, but what can wee do against the creative demons who are trying to kill us all?

    • Sunshine2 says:

      We can grow as individuals. We can share. We can change personal realities. We can do so much. Wish I could be more concrete. Jon has already done so much for me just by being an independent reporter and sharing his findings. It has opened my mind and spirit. You and I are outside the matrix. I question everything now. Like, why are my feet growing still (after 50)? Is it because I keep getting bigger shoes? My eyesight has improved. Almost 20/20 (which isn’t perfect but better). I am taller by half an inch. That happened over night. And I am sharing my research about health and cancer with friends and family, and friends of family, and their friends after overcoming cancer myself. Seems like everyone has cancer these days. I hope it makes a difference in their lives. I am working on a report as the demand is growing. I have zero interest in growing this into a business. I just want to help other people the way Jon has helped me.

      So, I guess, if enough creative individuals change the norm, the status quo, by sharing we can beat back the poll dancing robots at the Vegas tech conference (what’s that all about? Does anyone think that will encourage girls to get into STEM?), vaccines, self-driving cars and all the other horrors, freedom thieves, as much as we can.

      I dunno. You’re a tad older than me and a lot wiser I think. Do you think I am being too optimistic? I am just so encouraged by my own personal growth, that I do think we can help create change in others as well, just by sharing information? It is up to other individuals to explore, accept or reject that information. But I do think we can make a difference.

      Even if you change your own life – create the reality you want, people will notice. They’ll ask questions. It is an opportunity to share.

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