Part Two, the Devil and Klaus Schwab

by Jon Rappoport

March 11, 2022

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You can read Part One here and Part Three here.

Klaus was stunned. There he was, alone in his drawing room.

Where were his thoughts coming from? Was some entity haunting him and suggesting he should defect from the Great Reset plan and instead promote freedom and honor?

Had he made himself a slave to the Devil?

He poured himself a stiff drink, went to his computer, sat down, and began typing—

Dear Satan,

I just had a dream. Or was it a real visitation?

I believe I’ve served you well for many years. That should count for something.

My loyalty is beyond question—except for the questions I ask myself.

Of course, at the moment, fear is uppermost in my mind. So I want to know, are the rewards and punishments you hand out based on rational assessment? Can I count on that? Or should I try to run away and hide? Because, for some reason, I seem to be glimpsing what it might be like to be a moral man.


Hello, Klaus. Good to be with you. You can ignore all the rumors and reports about my habits. People see me as they want to see me. They’re thinking lake of fire or thumbscrews, whereas I might be thinking Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony. And to answer your question, of course I judge your contributions in rational terms.

“Did I carry out my assignments? Did my work make a difference?” That sort of thing?

Yes, Klaus, exactly. But you’re touching on the larger issue of free will, and the consequences of exercising it. What would happen to you if you left my fold? Would I object? And if so, how strongly? But think it through. If I didn’t allow for defections, if I tried to stop my people from opposing me, what would that say about my level of confidence?

You would be a tyrant.

That’s right. And a tyrant always loses. I’m after something else.

Which is?

The capacity to make a superior case, a better argument.

I’m relieved to hear that.

You see, Klaus, I want to know whether you’re on my side—not just from base loyalty—anyone can command that with threats and force—but as a result of considering the pros and cons. Weighing the evidence.

There is evidence?

Of course. For example, why do I maintain my empire? And you can forget about God. If he exists, he’s no part of my equation. I’m not at war with a place they call Heaven. I’m not fighting. I’m in the convincing business.

And you want to convince me you have the winning side?

Let me ask you this. Assume we’re living in a world of war. That’s what this world IS. There is always a war. And then we have the notion of freedom. Individual freedom. From purely a strategic perspective, do you want to be fighting on the side of freedom? Do you think that force—however you picture it—will succeed?

It might. In the long run.

And if it did, what would you have? A unified army? Or each person drifting off, expressing freedom in a different and unpredictable way?

I see what you mean. There would be no adhesive to hold persons together.

So in the long run, they would lose. The question then becomes: Even if freedom is the superior moral position, of what use is it if it must go down to defeat?

But a pragmatic assessment can’t be the only measure of value.

I didn’t say it was. I might like all people to be musical geniuses. Why not? Think what kind of world we’d have then. But I don’t fantasize about it to the point of absurdity. Is freedom any different?

You prefer I should give up my freedom and sign it over to you.

I offered the option all those years ago—and you chose it.

Now I’m wondering if I made the right decision.

Because you can see the end. You can see your work has an expiration date. I don’t want you out there talking openly about the charms of Globalism forever. You’re afraid that when you’re through, I might cast you into a pit in Hell.

Would you?

What makes you think I’d treat you so badly, after you’ve served me well?

I’ve heard stories.

And you believe them?

They’re stories told by people who fear you.

Why do they fear me?

You rule in Hell.

Yes, but do I demand and command all the suffering and pain that occurs there? Or do the residents cause it themselves while I stand by? The suite of rooms I’m preparing for you there—do you think that’s just an enticement?

I’m not sure. Are you saying you can’t stop others from inflicting pain on each other?

If I stopped them, what would I have? Anything more than a mass of robots? All of us are working out our destinies. Mine involves organizing and maintaining a place called Hell. I’m not crazy enough to want the job forever.

You see something more for yourself?

We all do, don’t we? Why are you talking to me? Is it just to assuage your fears? Haven’t you glimpsed a life beyond promoting world slavery?

I have, yes. Anyone in my position would.

Good. Then that’s a place to start. What do you really want? And how could I play a role—any role—in your effort to achieve it?

You want to help me?

Is that too far-fetched an idea?

I don’t know. Suppose I want freedom from you?

That’s the question. Do you? Do you want to go your merry way, picking and choosing one thing after another in your freedom? Or do you want a cause, a defined cause? A structure. Something made out of elements. A legacy that lasts.

I was trained as an engineer. I like systems.

So do I. Hell is a system, Klaus. Why do all these people end up there?

Because…they’ve lived immoral lives.

Yes. And whose fault is that? Mine? Or was their immorality their own choice, exercised in freedom?

They made the wrong choices.

Exactly. And Hell is the consequence. That’s the basis of a system. I didn’t invent it. I maintain it. I administer it.

That’s your job?

It is. I could choose to let all those souls go. I could free them. But I don’t. I happen to think that would be a bad idea.

Under the circumstances, you’re doing the right thing.

Correct. So far, you’ve been on my team. What are we telling the people on Earth?

We’re saying, “Far too many of you are committing and supporting immoral acts. So we’re going to install a system on Earth that restrains you. If we don’t, civilization will be destroyed. You don’t deserve freedom. You use it to make things worse.”

Very good, Klaus. You know how to drive a point home. That’s why I wanted you with me.

And you still want me with you?

Of course.

Then why do I have doubts?

Because you seek perfection in yourself. I submit that’s an unrealistic goal. Abandon it. You and I are realists. We’re willing to take the bull by the horns. Humanity is not, all in all, a force for the good. We know that. So we propose to rein in that force. We can’t announce our intent in that fashion. We have to sugar-coat the message. This is all we are guilty of.

I’ve been telling myself the same thing for years.

So stick with it. Don’t back down.

I’m glad we’re talking so openly.

So am I.

What do you want me to do now?

Just make a choice, Klaus. Recommit yourself to our program. Global governance and control, to preserve a viable future.

The Great Reset.

In all forms and details.

I have nothing to fear from you.

You’re generating the fear. Put it aside.

Why do people want to run away and hide from you, or fight you?

Because they’re unwilling to understand what I’m doing. It’s too much for them. I administer the Hell where souls go, and souls go there because they refuse to change their ways. If I weren’t the chief executive, someone else would be. I accept my job.

And that’s it?


Of course, I could preach reform. I could try to convince people to do Good.

You could, in which case you’d have to assess your chance of success. Reform the masses, versus restrain them. Think it through, on a rational basis.

Satan, I see one more possibility. You’re sugar-coating your message to me. You’re talking in a way you believe will convince me to stay on your side. You believe the truth of what you’re really doing would be too much for me to take.

Ah, now you’ve come to the crux.

How do I resolve it?

Why are you asking me for help, if you suspect I’m deceiving you? Because there is a weakness in you. You haven’t burned it out of yourself. You have to trust your own judgment, Klaus. This is why I’ve come to talk to you. To lead you to this moment. To show you this is where all your doubts culminate. To show you THIS is what I want for you.

You want me to come to my own independent choice.

Trust me, Klaus, if I wanted to be a slave master, I wouldn’t be here now. At the top of every strong force, there must be men who do their work from a basis of unyielding personal commitment. Their own commitment, not someone else’s.


Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

11 comments on “Part Two, the Devil and Klaus Schwab

  1. Bithynia says:

    I was delighted with Part One. Part Two raises an interesting idea about freedom.

    When I was a high school and college student in the 1980’s I had teachers and professors that promoted the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and everything American as the greatest nation on Earth. The United States was the land of the free, and the world’s best hope against communism. Blah-blah-blah.

    Then I had a few professors who were think outside the box types, and they were not sold on American democracy. They posed interesting questions. What do you do when the majority of people are bad? What do you do when the leaders of your town, state or Federal Government vote to give themselves pay raises? What do you do when elected officials vote to spend your tax dollars on their own personal projects or to fight senseless wars? What do you do when they vote to legalize murder, and not just human babies in the womb? Remember, the corrupt leaders are the majority. Good questions!

    No one who was a student back then could have seen the reality that we are living now, but there were a lot of smart people who saw the warning signs. Thanks for being a think outside the box type. I appreciate your creativity.

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    My Bloody Rose

    My song of self do I compose
    Requiem to a broken heart
    Song of my bloody rose
    Here, I present to thee,
    This miracle bloom of lonely joy
    Stolen while the gods were looking down,
    Please accept this humble offering
    Wrought from my demon dreams
    Fruit of this perilous odyssey
    Along the edge of eternity’s shadow,
    Where worlds collide
    Ever creating new worlds
    Fashioned from the bloody mists
    Of this carbon phantasm
    Ravenous for flesh and bone,
    Alas I have leapt into the abyss
    What choice do I have?
    For oblivion’s sweet kiss
    Is all I have left!
    Castaway on the shores of infinity
    Witness to this divine comedy,
    (Where no one seems to be laughing)
    Now, in the distance
    I hear a lone mourning dove
    Singing to the lost generations of Moloch
    That have embraced
    The Medusa of modern culture,
    An entire civilization turned to stone
    I am but a foundering refugee
    From this wasteland of the free
    Where concrete and steel sepulchers
    Mock the gods of the sky
    Issuing their midnight screams
    To the indifferent Angels of doom
    And in the passion of the mystery,
    Plaything of polarity’s delight,
    I have found the doorway out of history
    Where the mysterious OTHER beckons
    And from the bones of my mortal being
    Universal love croons to itself
    As the tricephalous beast roars
    While atoms scatter
    Coalescing glorious galaxies
    And all forms of matter
    Through thunder and lightning
    New worlds are born,
    History renewed
    On the crucifix where time meets space,
    For alas I have come to be
    Through the agony and ecstasy
    Of eternity’s kiss
    Timeless and free.

  3. Eluard says:

    “Why are you asking me for help, if you suspect I’m deceiving you? Because there is a weakness in you. You haven’t burned it out of yourself. You have to trust your own judgment, Klaus.”

    Interesting, though I don’t know if I agree with your take on Satan–or the negative force in creation if you will. You present him as some kind of Socrates figure, who through questions and answers brings his pupil to an insight about their own character and human morality in general.

    Icke has been calling that force Wetiko lately, after some native American tribes. Are the archontic forces redeemable? I don’t know and I don’t think anyone human does. That’s a very dark and distorted consciousness and the Schwabs of the world are no doubt connected to it. It’s caused immense suffering on this planet and I don’t let human beings off the hook–we let ourselves get tricked into this slavery and punishment.

    That voice sounds more like God actually; and that would be more compelling. The Source of all showing that there’s always been a way out–or in–even for the ugliest of souls. None of us know the big picture. But I think their time is running out, with or without the dispensation of satanic visitations.

  4. Roundball Shaman says:

    “People see me as they want to see me.”

    The best guise for The Devil is when you see and believe and put faith in him when he looks like a Saint. Or a technocrat. Or a personable cult leader. Seeing The Devil is easy when he looks like The Devil. Seeing The Devil in one of his many deceptive manifestations is a lot harder.

    “You see, Klaus, I want to know whether you’re on my side—not just from base loyalty—anyone can command that with threats and force—but as a result of considering the pros and cons. Weighing the evidence.”

    The Willing Slave. The goal of every tyrant. Construct ‘evidence’ but only after you’re determined your conclusion and destination first and then set the luring breadcrumb trail that leads to it. And make people think all this is THEIR idea.

    “… each person drifting off, expressing freedom in a different and unpredictable way?…
    There would be no adhesive to hold persons together.”

    We are born as individuals and we will die as an individual. But society cons us to spend all our time in between to be faceless and compliant members of Groups. And most people see nothing wrong with this picture?

    “You prefer I should give up my freedom and sign it over to you.”

    We all meet The Devil at our own personal Crossroads moments. Many of us quickly grab his pen and sign our lives over with his offer of riches. But the courageous among us will throw the pen back at him and tell him to GO TO BACK TO HELL.

    “All of us are working out our destinies. Mine involves organizing and maintaining a place called Hell.”

    There was a famous Twilight Zone episode where a guy ends up in a place with an attractive woman and has all kinds of appealing fortune. He thinks he’s made it to the Good Place until he tries to exit the building. He sees his real Keeper and begins to realize that he’s NOT where he thought he was.

    “Hell is a system, Klaus. Why do all these people end up there?”

    Because They chose Systems over Imagination. The quickest way into Hell.

    “… Hell is the consequence. That’s the basis of a system. I didn’t invent it. I maintain it. I administer it.”

    We make our own Hells and then We live in Them and live out our lives blaming SOMEONE ELSE for our problems. If there were not a Devil we have surely invented him out of necessity.

    “Why are you asking me for help, if you suspect I’m deceiving you?”

    For the same reasons that we believe State Corporate media that exists solely to lie to us. For the same reasons that we go to the Medical/Pharma Industrial Complex that seeks to make us sick rather than heal us. For the same reasons that we eat toxic food and then we wonder why we are getting sick. For the same reasons that we keep putting our trust and faith in people and groups that have clearly demonstrated that they are out to finish us off.

    So who is really at fault… the Con Man, or the Conned?

  5. Michael Burns says:

    Klaus sat there, in the wanting quiet, alone in his room, the subtle echoes of the conversation still bouncing of the walls.

    “Trust me Klaus, if I wanted to be a salve master…, top men…, personal commitment. Their own commitment…. there must be men who do their from a basis of unyielding personal commitment.”


    His own doubts again rush in even more intensive than before the conversation. He yelled out into the still air, “I STILL HAVE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!”

    The quiet. The length and breadth of stillness. And then he heard what he thought sounded like a snicker.

    “Was that at me, are you laughing, are you still there…ARE YOU THERE?”

    And then he heard something like a slight breath drawn in, from the corner of his room, and then the sound of heavy boots shifts their position on the hardwood floor.

    Who there? Who’s in the corner?

    He got up from his writing desk, closing his expensive laptop as an automatic reflex. And moved quickly with ear and eye turned towards the corner.

    He heard a small sound; it was like a dwarf or a small child clearing its throat.

    Okay I know you are there now, who are you… Satan?

    And with that the noise from the corner it burst out in hysterical laughing and he heard a thud as it hit the hardwood floor and the sounds of the kicking boot heals almost dancing, almost like an Irish step.
    He rushed into the corner and pulled back the soft leather arm chair piling up the carpet behind the legs as he dragged it from the corner…and there he stood; it stood. With a look that would have stopped a semi truck; hand over the red bearded mouth, and above the dazzling and dancing green eyes of a very small person in the weirdest clothes he had ever seen. They looked ancient and very old. Brass and leather and heavy fabric. And a strange, strange hat.

    What…are you? What are you doing here?

    *In a strong southern Cork accent*

    “Bit thick are ya.”


    I said… your thick lad…thick as feckin brick…diddly dee.

    Are you ah…?

    Yes, aw muther, ya brick I’m a leprechaun. One of the oldest, in fact I tink I am the oldest. Ahh jeezus I lose my thoughts and every day one falls outta me like feathers in a long trail behind. Forgot me own age there, I tink its ten thousand and sometin…this time.

    Nah nah nono… noooo nononono…nein nein nein Nein. It’s you Satan, playing a tricks on me. Yes, you’re in a disguise. You’re trying to tricks me.

    Listen fella, you called me Satan a minute ago and I laughed at how ridiculous it is, and I have a good nature — ya have to laugh, after all ‘these’ years. But if ya call me Satan agin, I gonna, I’m gonna pull your pants down and punch in yer naked nuts, ya bald heathen German little bastard.

    Well, I’m sorry, I was having a conversation with him just earlier, actually just a few minutes before I heard your snickering.

    I was holding back the guffaws, the absolute roar of hilarity I was feeling, the absolute agony I would feel if I had let myself laugh at you talking to the feckin air. I’ve been here all along lad. I’ve been here in this bleedin corner for that the last two days. I’m hiding from da wife, aw she in awful fit, she’s on rampage, something about the drinkin and other leprechaun women.

    But I was, I was talking to Satan. I had a very long conversation with him for more than an hour, we were talking about all kinds of things and he was advising me on my position in his organization. It’s important

    Hmm, organization…well, were do I start. First off. Lad, are you on any medication at all? Has the wife been at ya? Been drinkin? Been smoking? Been Ladin…there still looking for him ya know? What I know is you been talkin to yourself. First you say something in funny kind of gravelly deep voice, yer monster voice! And then you answer in the voice ya have right now.

    No, I was having a conversation with Satan, and I thing you are part of that…in some way. Do you work for him, in some capacity? Are you a minion or something?

    You’re a bit rude aren’t ya heh.
    Minion, how bout I come over to you house and minion yer wife or your dog.
    Actually, it’s the other way round there, Mc Ginty! He works for me sometimes when somebody owes me money or tries to steal my gold. Or insults me like you are doing.
    Is a picture starting to form?
    These Wall Street fuckers will stop at nothin to gain a hoard of wealth. I got loads and loads of money, forgot where I hid it all? Its all over the place. But I’ll come to me — I been fightin those bastards for eons.
    There they are dimwits, protestant standin under rainbows and makin wishes, and the ones that can see me… chasin after me and wanting my stuff. There I am minding my own little business sitting on the edge of the sidewalk and along come some fucker and kicks me into the gutter. Or grabs me tries to choke the gold outta me. Yellin “Where is it?’ And so, I call Lou and he comes and sorts it out, and, I snatch him a baby of something he wants. He likes babies…a lot, loves them, he wants sons ya see, but he can’t have them. His boys aren’t doin their job. Don’t tell him I told ya, he holds a grudge for decades.
    Who’s gonna run the business when wants to retire to Cuba.
    Come to think of it THAT’S were I know you from…


    No, not Cuba…that why I ended up here in this feckin corner and I thought I was running a way from the missus! I gave you to him long ago…how old are ya now?

    WHAT? What are you saying? You gave me to him? I’m…83 years old and I havz a mother. And a father. And I was born in Ravensburg in 1938, after ze war …

    Yep. Yip yip yip, what do ya call that, false memory syndrome? Yeah the second world war and there was lots of babies around, I could have got him ten babies that day. I brought you to him for a debt and he said, “Well, didley dee, if he doesn’t work out I can always eat him.”

    EAT ME, didley dee, is he Irish, what are you saying little man?

    Eighty-three years?
    Has it been that long? That was a long time ago Klaus. Anyways! He wanted me to talk to you about it, so…
    Oh yeah it was about truth wasn’t it, what were your questions? Oh yeah…
    ” Suppose I want freedom from you?”
    “And you still want me with you?” …and
    “Why are you asking me for help, if you suspect I’m deceiving you? Because there is a weakness in you. You haven’t burned it out of yourself. You have to trust your own judgment, Klaus. This is why I’ve come to talk to you. To lead you to this moment. To show you this is where all your doubts culminate. To show you THIS is what I want for you.”

    Ya sees, buddy, as I said, Lou does things for me and ‘I’ do things for him, and so he couldn’t tell you himself you wouldn’t have believed him. So, he paid me. He’s your daddy Klaus, along with millions of others, its going to be a nightmare for the lawyers in probate if he ever gives up the ghost. Of course half of them are his sons…adopted sons.
    I gave you too him eighty-three years ago today. With umpteen numbers of others over the years. It’s a deal we have. I owe him and he take babies.

  6. David Lloyd Hyskell says:

    Jon, some years ago, in my 20s, I was self-destructing, being a self-imposed victim, and I chose to use my freedom to lash out at you, replying to your articles because you were giving me truths and it shattered everything I thought I believed in, mostly about myself, so you were holding up the mirror to my face and I saw a monster, but I was blaming the one holding the mirror, instead of my own ugly reflection.

    I am glad I made it to 30 now, so I have a greater appreciation for your writing, because it challenges me, and that’s something I enjoyed the way I enjoyed playing a higher difficulty on PC video games. It’s both a joy and a struggle at the same time, and also, I feel like I am going to hell just for laughing at your “Conversation in Hell” ones. The one with Pope Francis is a real beauty. Thank you, I can picture you being a serious Hollywood writer at the time when Hollywood employed real talent, and I hope to see that again in my lifetime. Thank you thank you thank you.

  7. Paul says:

    But Thank You,
    Dear Sir.
    For ALL…
    You Do,
    & Have Done.

    Each Man
    Must Create
    His Own

  8. Sean says:

    Very nice.

  9. Al says:

    He’s not known as The Deceiver for nothing.

    Offering no solutions, he automatically assumed freedom is a lost cause, when it is the underpinning of every form of human joys and happiness.

    He would rather be The Punisher than be The Reformer, even on this plane, in addition to one he’s already controlling. That’s his almighty greediness on display, while high-falutin on pragmatism.

    He would suggest to Klaus to consider deeply whether he’s a slave-master.

    That’s hypocrisy for you. Of course he is.

    Just pretending otherwise for Klaus’ benefit. Sly of him.

    He is letting Klaus know he would be enjoying immensely seeing and knowing humans are enslaved and suffering, both here AND in the after realm, while listening to highly-refined classical music.

    You would agree with him or not based on whether you judge humans are good, or have irredeemable value.

    But that will also be the refection and the measure of, your own character, or lack thereof.

    In the end, for human civilisation to thrive on a moral basis, to ensure its long-term survival rights in the universe, the bad actors – the willingly duped followers of Satan – must be removed.

    For they have become the ultimate irredeemable seeds, that will only grow into grotesque, poisonous forms.

    • Al says:

      What he’s alluding to is, since hell wasn’t his creation, he being only the administrator and manager, he will make damn sure “hell on earth” will be his creation, duck God, and let Him appoint Klaus as the next Satan for hell, with all the glittering suite of rooms that he craves.

  10. ada m. says:

    This is from an alternative reality. Any resemblance to current reality is just coincidence.

    Roman general to Caesar: “They (Druids) control everything. They name the king, they control education, they tell the king what laws to sign, their doctor decides how long the king lives. The poets, writers, artists are from their order … They have the absolute power.”

    No european country had this system of hidden power. Neither germans, romans, tracians, greeks .. all had a system with visible power structures. Also mongolians, arabs, indians, japanese.. all had the same open system.

    After the roman conquered Britain, the system moved to Rome. It’s name was Vatican.. For 1500 years, they had absolute power. They would name the kings, they woul dontrol the education, literature, science, music, society…

    Than they started to loose the power to science and new religions. A new hidden structure was created by a jesuit priest: illuminati. Jesuits were an order under direct pope control.

    They started infiltrating governments, taking over financial system, education system, press .. They now have the same control over everything that druids and vatican had. The symbol of druid power was a wooden stick; also known as Holly Wood.

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