The temporary continuum, Part Seven

by Jon Rappoport

May 4, 2022

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The Surveillance State is inventing a new continuum.

Since we know snooping covers all data and all people who use data (meaning everybody), nothing is too trivial to be spied on and collected and stored and analyzed for suspicious content.

The technology may or not currently exist to collect every datum under the sun, but that’s the goal, and the program is rapidly advancing.

The spying agencies will decide their limited algorithms should do more than interpret meaning: their formulas should govern and dictate what kind of communication is permissible.

To put it another way, people should communicate what can be analyzed by machines, and should refrain from touching on and inventing what the machines can’t assess.

Surveillance becomes the arbiter and shaper of public and private interactions.

“Speak only in ways that allow us to decide whether you are a threat.”

Those who break that rule will automatically fall under suspicion and be labeled. And investigated. An attempt will be made to reeducate them.

Into less intelligence and imagination.

Everything I’m describing in this piece is already, on some level, happening, although not all of it officially by fiat.

The Surveillance State is a sophisticated version of peer pressure, in which the peers turn out to be agents. Propaganda operatives invent a need for spying on populations, and their media allies refuse to expose this fact.

As the future unfolds, it will become obvious that the true purpose of snooping is to place a ceiling on what can be experienced.

Looked at from afar, whole populations will resemble prisoners shackled to grossly limited conceptions of themselves.

But there is a counter-trend. Even now, the natives are restless. Freed from old constrictions of organized religion and its mythologies, some people are recognizing they have the ability to exceed, step around, and move through the so-called laws of physics, into psychic territories that float beyond the space-time continuum.

Without laboriously citing examples (and even confirming studies), I would liken this breakout to the discovery that one can listen to music that has been labeled “dissonant” (outside the approved spectrum of harmony) and, in it, find new meanings and emotions and unreducible seas of life.

I can do that.

So can you.

We’re not crazy. The Surveillance State is organized craziness. They’re trying to invent a continuum that makes their craziness official.

They won’t win.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

12 comments on “The temporary continuum, Part Seven

  1. Christine says:

    This brought to mind some experiences I’ve had.

    In a large city. I recall encountering someone with a shopping cart of kittens in the parking lot of a large store. He was trying to find homes for them, for free. Security moved him away. I wondered, where is the place where kittens can be given away for free? I couldn’t think of where. In the city, there are so many who live in the streets, off of all virtual systems. They’re not going to post on a community boats on the internet. Where can kittens find homes? I don’t know.

    I had a latino friend who said, when you’re broke, the money is in the street. In a latino neighborhood you could find people selling all kinds of things in the street, at the park, from yards. Shopping carts of champurrado, or tamales, circulating in the public space. But then regulations on sales of food made this illegal. That food could kill someone, was the pretense, because no standards of sanitation and blah blah blah. When you’re broke, where’s the money? To make money, you need papers and oversight.

    In the country, a neighbor passes word that they have kittens, or tacks a note to a corkboard at the farm store, or places a free 3 line classified in the print-only paper, or just puts a sign at the end of their driveway.

    Work can be had for a handshake and exchange of cash, or even goods. Not the most common work, but it happens, under the table, or rather, under the sun where anyone can see and nobody cares.

    Even in the country, or the rose in the concrete city, or in other cultures like Mexico or India, the ability to give away kittens in public, or make a living that is only the concern of thee and me, is becoming more difficult.

  2. Runa says:

    I am curious about this reference :

    “Freed from old constrictions of organized religion and its mythologies, some people are recognizing they have the ability to exceed, step around, and move through the so-called laws of physics, into psychic territories that float beyond the space-time continuum.”

    I imagine, a bit, and I am also inckined to look at it like a metaphor. For example, if you, if many, were to change their limited concept of self, the change in reality is of a revolutionary potential on par with that which would result from suddenly realizing that physics as it used to be conceived does not truly apply.

    I think of something so simple as education. You can get a teacher, who knows what is worth learning, to put you in a room for a decade or two, unscrew the cap on your head, and laboriously insert the knowledge in there. Or, you could figure, well, somehow, without any grooming of proper educational praxis, I learned to roll, and scoot my butt, and walk and even silly walk. How ridiculous would it have been for my parents to have enrolled me in the institute of baby locomotion?

  3. Rune says:

    This also immediately brought to mind Marshall Mcluhan, the Medium is the Message.

    You can only be what can be translated into binary code fit for an AI to filter and file and initiate standard courses of action.

    I still meet a lot of old timey people who don’t have phones, don’t have email, maybe didn’t school themselves much… I think they have drivers licenses… I also met a bunch of scrappy sorts in urban environments who had figured out strategies for living without documentation, without tax records, without rental agreements and addresses…

    I start to feel that they are precious to me, and that I would wish well to any ingenuity or independence of integrity which can either escape the Surveillance and control matrix or, better yet, live without paying it much attention, for how little import it may have for them.

    Why was the CDC so interested in surveilling the Navajo Nation?

  4. bernardoparatore says:

    There is a battle going on (again!) but they won’t win.

  5. Exactly. I find it interesting they pulled the trigger almost as soon as they had the means to try and institute a global control grid. They are all in, and it has left them exposed and desperate. Anyone paying the slightest attention can see them. They’re now operating out in the open in plain sight. They no longer bother to hide. There is some breakover percentage of the population that needs to be aware of the reality of direction we’re headed in order to choose not to participate. Things are getting interesting.

    • george says:

      no. 99.9% of humans are unable to think. Even if they have 200IQ they are unable to think.

      Just one example: 99.9% of economist think that FED is fighting inflation. They fail to see that there was no inflation before FED. 1$ was worth in 1913 as much as in 1813. Now it is worth 100 times less. But if the TV tells them that FED is fighting inflation, they will believe it. Zero thinking. like a machine.

      And that is just an example. Another funny example is Germans belief that the rulers are working for their good.

      • EG says:

        I would disagree that 99.9% can not think. Usually people who can think for themselves don’t voice their opinions because it is pointless.
        I would guess about 10-20% can really think for themselves. And good luck finding them. The whole idea of independent minded human being is that this being doesn’t need approval.

  6. Abbie says:

    Yes, we have the ability to step outside the crazy matrix via imagination and intent. Freedom lies within and flows ever so well past the foolishness of the controllers calculated arrogant structures.

  7. There must be a whole lot of fear in the “overlords” to go to these lengths.

  8. Roundball Shaman says:

    “The Surveillance State is a sophisticated version of peer pressure, in which the peers turn out to be agents. Propaganda operatives invent a need for spying on populations, and their media allies refuse to expose this fact.”

    The Surveillance State is a sophisticated version of a codified group of misfit peeping-toms and thugs. Propaganda operatives invent a phony need for spying on populations, and their lackeys and apologists and useful idiot fellow freedom-and-autonomy-haters cheer on the social abuse and demand more of it. And proceed to watch you while you speak to your pastor or priest or your doctor or your stockbroker or your attorney or your child or you are are on the toilet or being tender with your significant other. Or, measuring the size of your man or womanhood at the airport because they have a divine right of knowing everything about you now and forevermore. Except that they don’t believe in any of that ‘divine’ stuff.

    And they would NEVER let YOU peer into THEIR business in any way. Privacy is a privilege granted only to The Compliant Useful Idiots.

  9. Chris says:

    Jon, wondering if you’ve looked into the use of rf and the patented technology sometimes referred to as “voice to skull” or “voice of god” weaponry, said to have been used in Iraq to sometimes make rebels in the area believe God was telling them to lay down their weapons, or hear gunshots and explosions coming from directions in which there was no actual activity taking place?

    There’s some good work being done on this by an audio engineer who has videos he’s made with hundreds of hours of evidence of there being chatterbots that seem to be running in both the elf and uhf Rf spectrums. When his youtube is active its under lookoutfacharlie – but he also has a website you’d likely find interesting.

    From what I can tell, it seems like mad scientists have been doping nano wires that shed a form of nano dust, which in combination with other nano materials in the environment (chem trails, gmo’s etc.) allows the dual RF spectrums to create a sort of Echo-Location esq. image, that seems to read these nano materials like quantum dots and then proceeds to feed information vocally using an auto-gain function (based on sounds in the local environment) and 100’s of chatterbots using the auto-gain to make general comments on what its reading via the images. This will almost always occur on frequencies that are usually out of the average humans hearing range.

    Whats interesting is that i believe the NY Philharmonic did a recreation of a recording that a group of schizophrenics created after being asked to create a recording of what the voices they were hearing sounded like. The Philharmonic totally changed what these patients had originally sent them. The original recording sounded exactly like the chatterbot voices and pulses this audio engineer has been finding in audio samples from all around the world (perhaps not coincidentally he’s found much of his evidence in places with high amounts of poverty like Portland and Seattle.)

    The main question people ask is why isn’t everyone hearing the voices and I’ll add that the voices don’t seem to be the only reaction people have to this, (lets just say there’s a huge connection with skin rashes, tinnitus, fatigue etc. that I’m sue you’d discover upon looking it.) But, what seems to be happening is there are people who are highly sensitized to the nano materials, and others who don’t seem to be as affected. There seem to be various explanations for this such as a compromised immune system, high exposure (living closer to these towers and being surrounded by smart environments), diet, prescription drugs given to them to attempt to fix the situation and so on.

    Would definitely be interested to hear your thoughts on this in one of your blogs or podcasts, that Ive thoroughly enjoyed btw. Cheers, brother.

  10. Larry C says:

    A breath of genuine hope!

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