The myth of collective consciousness

The myth of collective consciousness

by Jon Rappoport

January 10, 2015


“There are millions of people who came out of the 1960s with the idea that ‘self’ was a terrible entity, and only by existing all together, with everyone, in a single state of consciousness, could the world be saved. They bought a new fairy tale to replace an old one. They couldn’t find another answer to materialism.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

In past articles, I’ve extensively covered the collective/group myth on several levels. But what about the so-called spiritual level?

What about the influential idea that, in an advanced state, humans would enter an ultimate collective cosmic unity?

Let’s start this way: somehow, you’re given access to the greatest store anywhere in the universe. Your credit card has no limit.

You walk through the gigantic space. You see cars and clothes and shoes and food and cell phones and toys and books and DVDs and CDs and TV sets and private jets and ships and pictures of mansions and islands for sale and pets and more, much more.

You love it.

You spend a long, long time browsing and buying and chatting with the friendly staff, and you know that, yes, this is the store you’ve always wanted to shop in. This is the place.

And finally, when you’ve made all your purchases, and you’re on your way out, you discover that all the doors are locked. You can’t leave.

At that moment, the store isn’t your favorite place anymore.

Something is wrong. Very wrong.

So here’s the comparison; yes, any state of consciousness that can be conceived or imagined or proposed is possible, but adding the kicker that it’s final and nobody exits from it is preposterous.

Individuals can have the experience of merging with each other—that collective experience. The “I” can decide to become “We.” Sure. Why not?

And this merging can result in a kind of ecstasy. But…

Having done that, you can decide at some point that it’s time to leave. Then, if you couldn’t leave, you’d change your mind about the whole set-up.

Some people would say that once you created and entered collective cosmic consciousness, you’d never want to leave, but that’s just their opinion.

In other words, every possible state of consciousness is voluntary, effected in freedom. Ditto for exiting it.

Which means there is nothing final about collective consciousness or unity. It isn’t the highest attainment. It’s another form of perception.

It’s theatrical.

You can choose a role in the play of consciousness, and you can also retire from the cast and go on to other roles. And wherever you go, whatever you do, you’re you.

Being you isn’t limiting in the slightest, unless you make it so.

Exit From the Matrix

If you have been severely limiting you, the automatic solution isn’t suddenly “merging with everyone and everything else.” That might be a good and interesting exercise, to pull you out of a doldrum and a state of inertia, but it isn’t The Answer. There are lots of ways you can launch out of inertia.

Someone says, “Let’s all be One.”

You say, “Sounds exciting. I’m in.”

And then you do it.

“Wow,” you say, “this is fantastic. I’m you and you’re me and we’re all together—here come a bunch more people to join in.”

You stay there in Oneness for a while. You have a great time…and then you say, “See you later, guys, it’s been fun.”

And they say, “Wait, how can you leave? This is IT.”

And you say, “I know. But there are lots of ITS. Bye bye.”

You were in the stage play, and now you’re not.

But…suppose there’s a super-duper locus of All Knowledge, a cosmic library? Don’t you want to plug in and hum and access it and download it? Forever?”

Forever? Why would you?

All Knowledge is just an infinitesimal fraction of what hasn’t yet been created…created by individuals. Created by you.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

7 comments on “The myth of collective consciousness

  1. From Québec says:

    People by instinct are gregarious. They like to associate with people who think alike.

    At the beginning, they would live in tribes for survival.
    Later on, countries were created with their own borders, languages, religions and cultures. They cherished and highly protected their sovereignties.

    That wasn’t a bad idea. On the contrary, it was a diversified world where it was a pleasure to travel and discover new horizons.

    Then the control freaks Elites, realized that this was a huge problem for their world dominance dream. So they got together and brainstormed every possible way to reverse that.

    They came out with the idea of a brand New World Order’s scenario.

    That’s when things started to get ugly. Trough propaganda, slowly but surely, they convinced people that immigration would be good for their economies, it would bring new skills, new labours, new money. They also played with the facts that those poor immigrants were trying to escape dictators and wars. People fell for it. In fact, what the Elites really wanted, was to create a huge Melting Pot.

    A Melting Pot is not too far away from a collective consciousness.
    So the Elites are getting closer to their plan.

    Of course, they never expected guys like Jon Rappoport to come out and screw up their scenario…lol

    Keep up the good work Jon!

  2. The whole premise of one consciousness is to propagandize for one world government. If they can get you to except a singular consciousness in/as the Universe…you now have a religious belief…the second part of the brainwash; one world government is easier to insert in your mind now.
    Yes ‘one conscious universe’ is a level of consciousness but it is not the only one. As you say. And it is not the highest level or the lowest level. As you say there are other its…the physics of this solar system is limiting, if not limited in this solar system.
    If I could leave I would find something different in a different solar system than this one…a larger or smaller star will effect the whole game of existance and the idea of sentience and consciousness. To leave for another galaxy even or another Universe. Will effect consciousness. Allowing it to expand into a fuller state. We are very limited here on planet earth. I would say. And that is not us, but a force that wishes to dominate all life on planet earth and makes it hard for the individual to think efficiently, clearly as one was intended?
    Too many toxins, and no education on how to take care of a human body, and lastly an over stimulas of the trivial.
    Bread and circus. People can barely rise above it.
    Matter is the result of creative consciousness, and as you say imagination, it is a direct result. But it slows us down and limits us even further, sight within a specific light bandwidth; sound within a finite auditory frequency. A spoken language that has too many variables. But yet the language of music or art in general, mathematical is isolated to the few.But there are latitudes for the gifted, or should I say persistent. I have heard musicians talk of music as if it were a color, and as a painter I have used sound to describe color or a line. A monk can dry a wet blanket with his naked body. Or levitate six inches above the ground. I myself have noticed my telepathic abilities increase as I get older, and it seems especially true with people I love or have known a very long time…telepathy another level of consciousness is about belief. A richer, and more sound belief than a religion.

    • Eugene Prizer says:

      Lovely thoughts, but, they are your prison. What is the root of all this thinking/time? desire, ambition, Fear of not attaining; and the need for more Space to imagine and Time (thought) to acquire. Rather agonizing, no?

  3. For me, the freedom to be an individual, is most precious. Its a great thing, to meet new minds, share, Jon you always excite the mind. and this article really hit a nerve. I’m deathly afraid and against socialism, Communism, I take pride in NOT being “normal”
    One collective consciousness, i wish would just go away, is the obama admin. and all their aca aco computers, and the mind games they play. I was raised free, a free thinker, I will take my last breath that way, i will never give in to socialism. Im a true American rebel.
    Yes sit Jon, as you wrote “there are lots of “it” And freedom loving humans, must be free to choose their path, never stop growing.
    When a human, thinks they know it all, or belong to ANY cult, that limits their freedom of speech, or movement, or how to think, or what to say, that is not freedom, rules are needed, laws are needed. I know you are no lemming, neither is from Quebec, neither am i. Its getting harder and harder, to be truly free, it takes alot of money, and a careful eye. No sir, we are not all the same, in gact each of us individual, it is indeed a poison, a cancer, a brainwash, to think otherwise, and the mark of a true American. A free man. we are all slaves to making money, each of us,unless VERY wealthy, have to serve someone, something, but giving away our individuality, just to feel like we “belong” is definably a sign of weakness, a real man, a free man, needs no one, the one thing we all need, is love.
    At times, in this life, we all must do what we have to do, to survive, as for myself, there is aline I wont cross, for any amount of money, or fame, I will NOT compromise my principals, to be excepted. I will be me.And I will endeavor to be me, without disrespecting anyone.

    • From Québec says:

      Socialism and communism are like pimps.
      They will lead you across pretty bridges they’re planning to burn.
      Heaven soon becomes becomes hell.

  4. Fat Elvis says:

    Routines.😊 Thanks for pointing out the people trying to keep us in them.

  5. From Québec says:

    I’m anxious to read your next great imagination story Jon.
    Meanwhile I am creating my own stories,

    Here is one for you:

    The Mirror and the Old Man.

    It was 40 years ago that his wife died in a car accident.
    An accident that the old man always felt guilty for.

    They were heading to the Rocky Mountains. It was night and his wife had fallen asleep in the car. He was driving and smoking a cigarette, while listening to country music. His cigarette fell on the floor. He bend down to recuperate it, that’s when he hit a deer crossing the road. His wife died on the spot. He only had a few bruises.

    Since that faithful day, his life was a constant nightmare. Never leaving his old shack by the woods that he had built in his twenties. Crying billions of tears, hating himself and having suicide thoughts. But he couldn’t do it. He didn’t have the guts to shoot himself. In fact, the old man was afraid to die.

    So everyday, he would stand in front of the big and only mirror he had in his shack and he would mourn, shout and insult himself for hours and hours.

    One day, the Mirror had enough of being a mirror and spoke out to the old man.

    It said: “I chose to be a mirror, because I thought that men own reflection and projection would help them to see things they needed to see to be able to heal themselves and create a better future. I read Freud you know, but now I realize that he was wrong all the way. I’m fed up with your 40 years of screaming and yelling at me all day long. I want to become something else”.

    “So let’s make a deal”.

    Go get your rifle. Come back and shoot the man you see in the mirror.
    Make sure you shoot right in the heart. You will then never ever see this man that you hate so much. But you will still be alive and I will be destroyed and free to become anything else I wish to be. Maybe an eagle, a mountain lion or a star in the sky. I haven’t decided yet.

    It’s a win/win scenario.

    When the old man killed the man in the mirror, he felt such a huge relief.
    He picked up the shattered pieces of the mirror and bury them deep within the earth. He never felt so good in his whole life.

    When the delivery boy came at the end of the month to bring him his monthly groceries, he couldn’t believe the major transformation of the old man.

    – He said: “Hey, you seem to be in great shape. Where did you get all that energy from?

    – The old man replied: “I have a new passion”.

    – Oh said the clerk, and what is it ? A woman?

    – No, said the old man. It’s hunting… deer hunting.

    The Old man had transfer his hate of himself to his hate of deer. That gave him energy, but he wasn’t happier than before.

    Until one December night, when he saw Rudolph the red nose reindeer riding in the starry cold sky. It was his favourite story when he was a child. It brought tears in his eyes.

    Santa’s sleigh ended up on the roof off his shack with a gift for him.
    It was a high quality optic telescope. Perfect for amateur astronomers.

    After reading the instruction book, the old man though that his long time companion, the Mirror, must have had something to do with this. Once again he was coming to his rescue … and perhaps he was also, in a way, trying to give some credit for his past life as a mirror, by showing the usefulness of mirrors in telescopes.

    The old man soon became a fervent astronomer and fell in love with every new star he would discover.

    His last years were happy. He wasn’t afraid to die anymore. He was anxious to become a star.

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