Jon Rappoport: advice to writers

by Jon Rappoport

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This has nothing to do with getting published or formatting stories for editors.

It’s about the process of writing, about how you think and create. It applies to journalism and short stories and novels and plays. It’s about what happens when you don’t try to fit into a mold.

What happens is: you’re writing what you want to. You’re moving in a number of different directions, because you’re deploying imagination.

Even in journalism, this happens, because there are many ways to present the same set of facts.

The advice is this: don’t pull back. Don’t try to stick a peg that has 16 sides and spikes and ornaments and asymmetrical grooves into a round hole.

Finding a cogent way to communicate comes later. If you start there, you cut yourself off at the knees. You squash your own adventure. You lose.

If you start out on road A and suddenly realize you want to make a sharp turn into a bumpy field, do it. Cross the field. You’ll see a winding path into the mountains. Take it. Half-way up, you’ll come upon a pristine lake. Jump in. Underwater, you’ll find a portal into a lost tunnel. Enter it and follow it all the way to a buried city…

If you opt for simplified boiled-down form right from the beginning, you’ll never know there was a lake and a tunnel and a buried city.

Here’s a story of mine. I post it to show you what can happen when you go where you want to. It may not reflect where you want to go, but it should give you some idea about leaving conventional symmetry and tiresome plot line and typical narrative flow in the dust.

Robots love simplified symmetry, harmony, perfect balance. They love it over and over and over.

We’re not robots.

One major part of my third mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, is an eight-and-a-half hour audio presentation, The Writer’s Tutorial. This has been a long time coming. I’ve had many requests for it over the years.

It is a tutorial, in the sense that I give many specific advices to writers and people who want to be writers. But it goes a lot farther than that.

It’s about a core of imagination and power. That “inner place” is the wellspring from which a whole life can be lived. It’s language as energy.

The discovery of hidden energy, the invention of energy, worlds in the making—this is what the writer is involved with.

Many writer’s seminars urge students to “write about what they know.” That’s just one approach. Writing about what you don’t know is another avenue. What you don’t know, for a journalist, means research. For a novelist, poet, playwright, it means invention, it means knowing in a very different sense.

It means imagination. It means the desire to build new worlds.

I can mark great changes in my life by writers I’ve read. Writers give us confidence that our dreams and visions are real, more than real. Writers rescue us from the ordinary.

They even whisper in our ears, “You can do this, too.”

In my tutorial, I move from the large overarching theme of what being a writer is all about, to specific clues about how to write, how to make feelings and ideas operate on the page.

Whether you’re aiming for poetry, fiction, journalism, or simply reports at work, I’ve brought everything I can to the table.

I leave the matter of getting published to the professional magazines. In this tutorial, I speak to people who want more. More of a Voice that can move them and their readers to new heights.

Being a writer is, in part, about being a riverboat gambler—shoving in all your chips on your inner resources.

For a writer, or for anyone who wants to live a creative life, those resources turn out to be endless. Finally, we are talking about a capacity to imagine, a capacity that has no limit.

The overused word “spiritual” really does apply here, because it is through imagination and invention that a person eventually discovers answers to the great questions of life. Those answers are his own, not the second-hand myths broadcast by authority figures.

There is another payoff. Creating worlds of your own gives you intimate knowledge of how those-who-would-be-our-masters try to impose their world on us.

In 1978, Philip K Dick wrote:

“…today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups…So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms…it is an astonishing power: that of creating whole universes, universes of the mind. I ought to know. I do the same thing.”

As a writer, as a person living a creative life, ideas and energies and language and images and visions are your own. What a wonderful thing. What a fantastic enterprise. What an adventure.

power outside the matrix

Here are the particulars of my collection, Power Outside The Matrix.

These are audio presentations. 55 total hours.

* Writer’s Tutorial (8.5-hours)

* Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation (11.5-hours)

* Power Outside The Matrix and The Invention of New Reality (6.5-hours)

Then you will receive the following audio presentations I have previously done:

* The Third Philosophy of Imagination (1-hour)

* The Infinite Imagination (3-hours)

* The Mass Projection of Events (1.5-hours)

* The Decentralization of Power (1.5-hours)

* Creating the Future (6-hours)

* Pictures of Reality (6-hours)

* The Real History of America (2-hours)

* Corporations: The New Gods (7.5-hours)

I have included an additional bonus section:

* The complete text (331 pages) of AIDS INC., the book that exposed a conspiracy of scientific fraud deep within the medical research establishment. The book has become a sought-after item, since its publication in 1988. It contains material about viruses, medical testing, and the invention of disease that is, now and in the future, vital to our understanding of phony epidemics arising in our midst (and how to analyze them). I assure you, the revelations in the book will surprise you; they cut much deeper and are more subtle than “virus made in a lab” scenarios.

* A 2-hour radio interview I did on AIDS in Dec 1987 with host Roy Tuckman on KPFK in Los Angeles, California.

* My book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies

(All the audio presentations are mp3 files and the books are pdf files. You download them upon purchase. You’ll receive an email with a link to the entire collection.)

This is about your power. Not as an abstract idea, but as a living core of your being. This is about accessing that power and using it to invent realities without end.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

6 comments on “Jon Rappoport: advice to writers

  1. Mary says:

    Thank you, Jon, for inspiring me to write.

  2. manta says:

    gratefull for everything

  3. Paul says:

    Ditto, Jon.

  4. Paul says:


    of The Mysterium.

    Thank you.

  5. Paul says:

    I was walking down a paved street, in unfamiliar territory. Got lost, saw an earthen walkway that spiraled a bit as it gently ascended. I decided to take a chance & give it a go.

    Walked up it, enjoyed the accompanying low bestride flora. As I proceeded forward, the overgrown flora grew in magnitude, enclosing & cooling.

    A green forrested occlusion began to encompass me. I thought it, the end of this particular road.

    Nevertheless, I pushed on.

    A simple cabin appeared. I’ve seen them a thousand times.

    I shouted is anyone home?

    A man exited the swinging door & I heard the typical clap as the door swung closed.

    I queried “Where are we? I’m a bit lost.”

    He replied, “No matter, want a beer?

    (It was just before noon.)

    I said, “Sure.”

    We sat, took a few introductory sips, with nothing particular in mind(s).

    He says, “What brought ya here?”

    He caught me in the middle of a welcomed sip, & I squeezed out side-wised, “Got lost.”

    He muttered, “Huh.”

    We sat there a while, just enjoying the moment & cooling beer. He familiar with the surroundings, me unfamiliar. No matter.

    He looked away, minimally distant, no far shores in his eyes.

    And said, “You brought me somethin` huh.”

    Startled for a moment, I brushed his question away with a tightening, extending- chin “No.”

    There was an awkward pause, for me, that is.

    He smiled the most vague smile, & mimicked my previous head-motioned-No & just stared at me.

    He took a sip of beer with upturned bottle partially covering one eye. Still drinking slowly, he rotated bottle to reveal both eyes. A-staring.

    A memory hit me like lightening.

    You see, in my youth, me & my pals were prone to skip the light Fandango with a little help from LSD.

    I had 5 tabs in my wallet, that I held onto for memories sake. Just a little memento of fun days gone by.

    He said, “Out with it kid.”

    I unwrapped the dots, now pale on yellowed paper.

    He quickly said, “Gimme three, you take two.”

    He then added, “You want another beer?”

    “Yes please.” I replied.


    After about 45 minutes of silence & sipping, “things began to happen”, to put it mildly.

    He chuckled, a low chuckle to himself.

    I looked away, trying NOT to hear his stupid chuckle.

    But I couldn’t help myself.

    I chuckled an anticipatory chuckle too.

    Then for the next 5 hours we were literally rolling on the earthen floor, laughing like 2 knowing morons.

    Then he looked at me & said “Alright kid, dust yourself off & get the hell off my property.”

    God I gotta get me some acid.

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