The Internal Investigation

by Jon Rappoport

April 25, 2022

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In a room with no name…

Are we sure the operation is proceeding according to plan and timetable?

No, sir. There are disruptions.

Of what kind?

The symbolic force of language is wearing out.

That sounds serious.

People living in the movie are realizing they are WATCHING a movie.


Yes. They’re no longer attaching prescribed meanings to the film. They’re bailing out.

That sounds VERY serious.

One person wrote to us: “I see the commercials. It all looks like commercials now. They’re advertising and selling my own mind back to me. It seems somewhere along the line I donated my mind to you and now you’re selling it back to me.”

Well, he’s right.

I know that, sir. But he’s not supposed to know it.

What went wrong?

It could be overload. But some of my colleagues believe people are deserting their inferior minds for superior minds. They’re found other plug-ins which aren’t part of the System.

That’s impossible.

I would have thought so.

Where are these new plug-ins?

Unknown. When audience wants to become actor, all sorts of strange things can occur. Theater without scripts. At first, you get your usual protests and violence, but then there is another level. The actor looks at the audience and the audience looks back at the actor and they recognize each other. Here is another communique we received: “I can see the whole labyrinth now. The whole thing is a fraud. It isn’t even a trap. It’s a mask. I think you should do something about this before it’s too late. The movie keeps referring to itself. That’s destructive. The movie is eating itself.”

I wouldn’t know where to begin, to correct the problem.

Neither would I, sir. SOMETHING is underway. We certainly didn’t initiate it. We find no obvious flaws in our algorithms.

Is there electronic interference?

Not that we can locate.

We’re censoring everything we can.

Right. But it’s not helping.

Is this one of those problems without a solution? I remember early on, when we were still building prototypes, there was a counter-argument about self-generating problems. But that was theoretical.

Yes. The internal seeds of destruction theory. We rejected it as speculation. We preferred merely to say we were creating BUBBLES and ISLANDS. For the mind. We stuck to basics. A few of our people warned we were being simplistic. But we ignored them. I myself issued a warning.

What was it?

When you make a movie, the movie will tend to repeat itself at some point. It will go back to the beginning and start over.

That’s ridiculous.

I abandoned the whole notion. But now I would say, if you put a few billion people in a movie, they’ll start adding their own scenes. They’ll start catching on. And then they’ll start looking at the scenes they’re adding. EVERYBODY WANTS TO MAKE MOVIES. That’s an inherent problem. You can’t eliminate it.

You may have something there.

I believe I do. To a degree, every movie is about itself. It refers to itself. It’s about making movies.

Where did you get that idea?

I visited one of our prisons and interviewed the inmates. I was on a fact-finding mission. One of the men was serving a 20-year sentence. He’d gone to school and passed the exam for therapy assistant/security analyst. He wrote me a note. “Prison is a movie that exposes itself.”

Perhaps we should bring him in and interview him.

We can’t. He escaped last year.

What? Through all the layers of protection?

And I’ve decided to play his role in the movie.

For what purpose?

To investigate possible leaks in the System.

Admirable. But it could be dangerous. You could come to favor the role yourself.

I know.

Be careful.

That’s difficult. He clearly isn’t careful. He takes great risks. I assume that’s how he’s found out so much about what we do.

Report back to us frequently.

He wouldn’t.

I get your point. But we need to monitor you.

I’ll leave clues.

What sort of clues?

Look for breakouts from the main movie. Chances are I’ll be there.

You’re going over to the other side, aren’t you?

It’s very attractive.

You’ve been suffering from boredom.

Yes. No matter what circumstances people face, no matter how dire situations become, EVERYBODY IS SUFFERING FROM AN UNDERLYING BOREDOM. That’s the nut I have to crack. No matter what it takes. The only other alternative is DOOM.

I could have you arrested. Right now.

But you need me. The whole movie could collapse.

In which case, what would happen?

Nobody really knows.

We’ve lived with it for a long time.

Do we even know how to turn the projector off?

No one agrees on that point. There are all sorts of hypotheses.

EVERYONE WANTS TO MAKE MOVIES. Maybe that’s the answer. Let them. Help them.

It could be a complete disaster.

Perhaps we should find out.

[End of transmission of leaked file 5-76-2]

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

7 comments on “The Internal Investigation

  1. Roundball Shaman says:

    “People living in the movie are realizing they are WATCHING a movie.”

    Some use this realization to free themselves. Others use this as a way to avoid thinking about anything and just rubber stamp whatever is being placed in front of them by the flashing manipulations dancing across the screen. And they are quite happy with that arrangement. Sit there like a blob… eat fattening things… and DON’T THINK for yourself. Be happy to play a non-speaking, non-paying role in someone else’s production.

    “They’re no longer attaching prescribed meanings to the film. They’re bailing out.”

    The best films are the ones that make you THINK and FEEL something. What did that scene really mean? Why do I feel this way? Why did THAT happen? What was he really saying there? Why DIDN’T she do that? And the Ending? Why did it end that way? IS there another way to see all this that I’m missing?

    And of course, that’s why The Dark Side doesn’t want any of this kind of stuff to go on. What They want is: THIS is what you should (must) believe. THIS is the narrative and agenda you must accept. THIS is how We want you to feel. And We DON’T want you to feel anything else. Just SIT THERE and FOLLOW ORDERS and shame anyone who doesn’t.

    The deeper layer. The hint. The subtle. The subtext. The luring. The suggesting. The opening of your mind. That you feel something you may not have felt before. That you see things you’ve missed… or see something you know very well in a new light. That’s what good writing and story-telling is. Not shoving an Agenda down your throat. Not treating you like a machine to be downloaded into. Not treating you like a Thing and not a human being. Not insulting your intelligence. Not dragging you down but igniting something within you to bring you up.

    And again, that’s why They hate that kind of stuff and want to breed those impulses out of us.


    And Everyone MAKES their own movie every day… as writer, producer, director, actor, extra, editor, projectionist, screener, audience, and also THE SCENE ITSELF… and your own critic of your own product. Or you just add your name to the credits at the end of Someone Else’s movie and you accept it as your own and waste all your own resources and talents by doing nothing and not thinking. Just as They prefer that you do.

    And at the end of such a Life… someone one day opens up the film can of your life and once inside they find… NOTHING. Or, maybe a bit of dust.

  2. Paul says:

    Is Life Stranger Than Fiction ?

    Jon Rappoport reported some time ago about the possibility of the vaccines containing carbene oxide.

    If memory serves, these nanoparticles are used in industry. They may heighten electrical signal transmission.

    Think of that for just a moment.

    (go ahead, take your time).

    Electrical conduction enhancement, within the flowing liquid medium, of blood.

    Yes, yes, it’s all a conspiracy, I know, I know.

    But still, at least presently, in This Nation, The People can still read any book, discuss any matter, & think within themselves, any thought.

    I believe it’s called Freedom, of Mind.

    As opposed to Mind Control.

    Review Rappoport’s archive for carbene articles.

    Listen to Mike at ~ 30 minutes in.

    “Why were They soooooooo desperate.”

    ~ Mike Adams

    “Verrrry interesting.”

    ~ sayeth Artie Johnson
    {of Rowan’s Laugh-In}

    Desperation Vs. Poise.

    That’s the difference.
    That’s the signal,
    sans NOISE.

    Hear The Music, y’all!

  3. Paul says:


    On the Saturday eve of Easter, Steve Bannon, within his WarRoom was flanked by Jack Posobiec & Joe Allen for the 2 hours.

    All 3 demonstrated knowledge of religious history & Christian theology. Joe Allen possesses a Master’s Degree in Theology.

    Steve, as the middle moderating pillar, brought up aspects of history & theology, then sat back & let his team members discuss their points of understanding.

    I enjoy theology, regardless of specific religion.

    The for & aft of the segments was bordered by beautiful Music.

    I really enjoyed this episode during this Easter season & watched it a few times.

    Jack ended & capped off the show by teasing The Boss, just a little bit, when he interviewed God.

    It was quite funny.

    I think The Posse Love Steve & his WarRoom People, for all their fine Work.

    I Know I Do.

  4. Paul says:

    Both Tucker Carlson & Mike Adams {Brighteon} previously discussed planes & arson attacking food production/storage sites.

    Jon’s article, I believe, was discussing The Legacy Media Newspaper Print Press.

    WE ALL, know, both Tucker & Mike are well ahead of the curve, with their video coverage, of all things deemed un-discussable. (Is that a word ?)

    And WE ALL…
    Are most thankful.

    Apologies for any omission.

  5. Rhonda says:

    My Heartfelt, Compliments to Jon Rappaport, The Creator, Brilliant Article! Thank You.

    I can hear the clanking global winds circumventing in a positive direction…, gears landing, wobbling on the floor (?) to stillness. Smoke streaming from my minds eye sight. The whole conglomeration seized up, click and clacked! ;~}.

    EnJoy Your Day!

    Other Wise here are 3 conscious ness’s of intellectual inspiration and insights.

    George Carlin “Government’s Don’t Want Critical Thinkers” … Sun Spots, Red Cross Blood Supply… & newsletter.


    Two Other Critical Thinkers:

    I. Article: “Pharmaceutical Snake Venom Enzymes” Mark Sircus

    II. Interview: “7 -Patented- Poisons in cv19 Injections (Including Snake Venom) Karen Kingston Kingston



  6. Peter Harter says:

    Perhaps there is an insect overlord who is dissatisfied with his inability to predict and control animal (human) behavior. Kafka felt this insect trying to impose his wishes and he was able to communicate the process of becoming an insect because he came to the place where his own wishes were null and he could feel the insect suggesting or nudging him in a bugly direction.

  7. Alysia says:

    it’s a movie, but its a really bad movie. had a dream I met up with a famous actor and we sat down to watch a movie together. He said “it’s just a movie; I should know, as I played the star in many movies. I said back, whew, glad it’s just a movie. I wish I could kick some ass the way you do in the movies. ha

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